Provide concrete examples of how to be culturally sensitive in written communication

ENGL250 – Research and Writing II W6: Cultural Sensitivity

Outcomes Completing this Activity will help you to:

 Create written communications that promote positive interpersonal, intercultural, organizational, and/or international relations.

 Develop graphics that create visual and verbal meaning and interest.

Deadline Due by end of Week 6 at 11:59 pm, ET. Directions Create a two-page paper plus a references page that promotes intercultural sensitivity and positive intercultural relations in the workplace. Compose it as if you would present it for a company at which you work. In the paper, include information from at least three scholarly sources, and include a graphic of your own creation to support your main points. Think of an aspect of the paper that would benefit from a visual component. You have the freedom to treat this topic the way you see fit. You could provide information about diversity projections nationwide, or you could provide categories of common cultural insensitivities. You could create a pie graph to show the different ethnicities represented in the company (fictional or actual). Properly integrated graphics are an important part of professional communication and can enhance a message. Utilize the skills that you’ve learned in INFT123 to support the creation of graphs and integration of graphics and into your paper. Your paper will:

 Provide concrete examples of how to be culturally sensitive in written communication.

 Include an original graphic that enhances some aspect of your paper.

 Include in-text citations and a separate references page that reference any research sources from which you draw information.