What is the Rule of Nines and how is it used

Burns Class Content Activity

For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree burns, what is the depth of skin involvement and what is the external appearance of each? (ATI, Chapter 75)

What is the Rule of Nines and how is it used? Describe the body area and percentage associated with each. (See text explanation and Figure 62-3, p 1848 in textbook)

What is TBSA? Using the Rule of Nines, how is it calculated? What is the Parkland Formula to calculate fluid resuscitation requirements? (See TBSA/Parkland Formula video and p 1854 in the textbook)

Calculate TBSA using the Rule of Nines and fluid resuscitation requirements for the following 3 scenarios. Note how much fluid you would give in the first 8 hours and the first 16 hours.

1. 206-pound man with his entire left arm and the front of his chest and abdomen covered in third-degree burns

2. 160-pound woman with the front of both legs covered in third-degree burns

3. 185-pound man with the back of both arms, back of head, and back covered in fourth-degree burns