What is an example of a moral dilemma you have faced in the past?

Therefore, John Doe would download the app because it will cut on costs….”

That is consequentialism rather than Kant. Kant does not look at intended consequences or any kind of outcome.

We do not have to just talk about John.
Our week 8 assignment is about Jane Doe. We can discus that as well. For instance, we can ask: If this is what Jane is like as a student, what kind of nurse will she be?

Your personal ethical statement should consist of some general ethical principle like the golden rule or the greatest happiness principle of utilitarianism for example. Only such a rule will enable you to say whether an action is moral or not for instance (and thus aid you in answering questions).

People encounter perplexing dilemmas every day and have to decide what is the right thing to do, what they should do, when there are several possibilities, any one of which–but not all of which–could actually be chosen and done. Most people, most of the time, do the best they can to make those hard decisions, but, lacking the tools, they just follow their intuition, whatever that term means to them, or the sense of right and wrong that they developed as children.

What is an example of a moral dilemma you have faced in the past? How were you able to make a hard decision and choose the moral path?

After you read the above comment please respond one page with 2 reference and citation