What is the function of your neurotransmitter?

Create an informational resource about your assigned neurotransmitter (see below), such as a video, song, worksheet, graphic, presentation, and so on. Make it easy to read or listen to and understand. You are strongly encouraged to use images and graphics. You and your classmates can save these as study tools.:



In your resources, answer the following questions and include two evidence-based sources.

  1. What is the function of your neurotransmitter?
  2. What is the pathway origin and projections?
  3. Is your neurotransmitter excitatory or inhibitory? Explain the difference.
  4. What behaviors are associated with this neurotransmitter? What symptoms or behaviors are associated with this neurotransmitter when it is deficient and/or excessive?
  5. How is this neurotransmitter relevant to psychiatry as far as its impact on psychiatric symptoms or psychiatric disorders?
  6. Provide two examples of medications that affect this neurotransmitter. Based on how this neurotransmitter translates into symptoms, explain how what symptoms you expect the medication to help with.

I prefer worksheet or graphic.