Power point presentation of capstone project


8-10 slides

Background of the Problem: Highlight 3-4 issues related to topic (use key words or major headings; cite sources on bottom of slide that support issues; approximately 1- 2 slides)

Patient centered care and population health: Explain how the initiative supports the values, culture, right to self-fulfillment, and quality care outcomes for the stakeholders.

Description of Proposed Initiative: Describe the initiative with proposed benefits/significance for doing this initiative; identify those groups/populations that would directly or indirectly benefit from this project (approximately 2-3 slides).  

Evidence-based Literature: Highlight major evidence/research findings from any 6-8 scholarly articles related to initiative (include author, year as citation below the content on related slide; (approximately 2 slides)

Implications for Nursing: Highlight 4 reasons why this project advances healthcare and the profession of nursing under any two headings: practice, education, leadership/management (approximately 1-2 slides)

Conclusion: Summarize key elements of the project presentation in one paragraph (1/2 slide)
References (list sources in APA format (1 slide).