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 A formal role of a nurse being in a position of leadership is a nurse manager. The nurse manager supervises the nursing staff, oversee patient care, make management, and budget decisions, set work schedules and make decisions about personal, like hiring, training, if needed disciplinary action and so on (“Roles of a Nurse Manager: Duquesne University”, 2020). Most hospitals have a nurse manager for each unit in the hospital. A nurse manager requires at least a bachelorette degree, and experience as a floor nurse.

A good nurse manager will advocate for their employees, participate with floor nurses, mentor and be supportive (“Roles of a Nurse Manager: Duquesne University”, 2020). If the staff does not feel like they can go to their manager there will not be trust which with push a wall and a loss in communication between the staff and the manger. At my facility I am a float pool nurse, so I work each unit, and I am placed daily depending on where I am needed. There is one manager that stands out to me and has a great relationship with his staff. This manager will take patients if his unit is short for the day, I have even seen him come in during nightshift to help his staff out. Im my time at this facility I have not seen another manger do something like that before, and he has one of the best run units because of the communication and trust they all have with each other.