Mass Stress Final Project Written Assignment due in 26 hours



Mass Stress Final Project Written Assignment


You are writing from a health perspective as a nurse:

1. Identify the psychosocial effects likely to occur in various types of disasters. 

2. Formulate strategies that Nurses can use to help people in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

3. Discuss the impact of disaster trauma on first responders. 

4. Describe community reactions to a large-scale disaster. 

5. Describe the psychosocial training needs of all disaster responders. 

6. Describe helpful interventions for use with survivors of a disaster. 

7. Describe the characteristics of PTSD. 

8. Discuss the possible benefits and dangers of psychological debriefing. 

Support your responses from the literature, using at least 3 scholarly resources, of no more than 5 years of age.   A scholarly resource is defined as an evidence-based practice; peer-reviewed journals; textbook; and national standard guidelines. Your paper should be in APA format 7th edition, 3-5 pages in length, not counting the title page and reference page.