Hi MariaL,

           Great job on this week's discussion! Health screening is essential in identifying contributing risk factors to individual health and is crucial in health promotion. Gordon's health functional health pattern framework assesses health risk, provides data collection, provides information of the entire person, and identifies risk in the community's family and health (Mantle, 2013). As you have mentioned, regular screening is an essential component of disease prevention.


Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns is a method developed By Marjorie Gordon in 1987 proposed functional health patterns as a guide for establishing a comprehensive nursing database. By using these categories it’s possible to create a systematic and standardized approach to data collection, and enable the nurse to determine the following aspects of health and human function: Health Perception Health Management Pattern, Nutritional Metabolic Pattern, Elimination Pattern, Activity Exercise Pattern, Sleep Rest Pattern, Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern, Self-Perception-Self-Concept Pattern, Role-Relationship Pattern, Sexuality-Reproductive, Coping-Stress Tolerance Pattern,Value-Belief Pattern. 

Data using this model provides a comprehensive base for including the family in designing a plan of care.I  use these patterns to assess patient health in many ways such as patient medical history, and other backgrounds like the living environment. This information gives us better health for humans.