Health Care Delivery Systems Case 2


Inpatient and Outpatient Care


Based on your findings, write a graduate-level comparative analysis of inpatient and outpatient services that clearly addresses the following:

  • Identify      and describe inpatient settings and outpatient settings. Explain the following      examples for each setting: 1) Labor & Delivery vs. Obstetrics- Gynecology      Clinic 2) Medical Surgical Unit vs. Radiology (x-rays, MRI)
  • Classify      the typical services provided and key personnel between inpatient settings      and outpatient settings.
  • Identify,      describe, and evaluate “telehealth” a trend that is currently      impacting inpatient and outpatient settings. 
  • Analyze      the trends, and “thinking as a health care administrator” how do you capitalize      on these trends to improve operation and bottom line performance? How can      you mitigate the negative impact of the trends? (

Length: 4 pages, APA format, scholarly sources (2015-2020), use subheadings. Must use at least 2 sources below.


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