Part 1: Provide a 1 page summary of ONE article related to unintentional injury prevention.  APA format is required.  Please attach the article in your submission. This should be a professional level article geared toward health professionals, not parents.

Part 2:  To address the following 5 points, you may utilize any resource available, websites, journal articles, text, etc.  Citations are required for all information obtained. 

· Identify 3 key home safety issues as they relate to unintentional injury prevention for each of the following age groups: infants, toddlers, preschool. school age, and adolescent. Prioritize the issues and identify a rationale for the prioritization.

· Summarize how the 3 identified safety issues coincide with the child's growth and development at each age group. 

· Create a Home Safety action plan for parents about home safety measures for 1 of the identified age groups. 

· Discuss potential barriers to success for this action plan (e.g. parent education level, unable to read, etc). 

· Find out what’s available in your community. Identify an Injury Prevention activity in your community and tell us: a. What is it? b. Who is hosting the event?        b. How often is the event hosted? c. What is the specific injury the group is trying to prevent? 

While you do not need to answer the 5 points in paragraph format, the submitted assignment needs to be clear, well-organized, and flow properly or it will be returned for resubmission.