Due 10/4/2020 1000 words advance directive in healthcare

 100 words – Explain the purpose of an advance directive. 

200 words – As community health nurse what are 5 topics you would discuss with a senior, end of life, client who needs to develop advanced directives? 

200 words Explain why the 5 topics previously discussed  regarding advanced directives are important to the client at end of life stage. 

100 words as a nurse what therapeutic would you choose to communicate with your client about these difficult topics (Advance directive Living will; Durable power of attorney)?

200 words What are ethical issues surrounding the use of advance directive?

200 words Provide client education regarding Advance directive Living will; Durable power of attorney for health care.

Cite and reference all sources using APA 7th edition format, also include subheading for each sections. minimum expectation = 5. Sources and must be 5 years old or less. Including the textbook that is attached.