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What is the Christian concept of the imago Dei? How might it be important to health care, and why is it relevant?

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What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol (Search the Internet for help in wireless networks). 

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In the business environment, most companies or businesses rely on the computers wireless networks. This allows them to communicate vital information either to their clients, investors, suppliers or even internally between the manager and his subordinates or subordinates to subordinates. Information system security aims at protecting this information or information systems from unauthorized access, disruption, modification, disclosure, usage and destruction (Hossain et al., 2015).

The concerns that should be understood by individuals and companies about data transfer are the data security and data privacy as they try to send data via air through the wireless networks. Hackers have tried to penetrate network connections to spy, tamper and steal the information about companies, products, and customers and they can also change the information or make software’s dysfunction (Hossain et al., 2015).

Wireless Application Protocol

The wireless Application protocol is defined as a protocol in communication mostly for the purposes of data access wirelessly using networks of mobile wireless (Sarkar et al., 2016).


Wireless application protocol has enhanced the efficiency of data transfer since most of the of the network operators, hardware manufacturers and software application developers have worked to in co-operating WAP in their worldwide products in the bid of reaching as many users as possible. WAP has managed to add features like personalization and wireless telephony application which has improved the privacy level and users can even make calls using the application without needing to enter the telephone number. WAP is easier and cheaper to install especially in business setup since there is no need to buy and install internet cables. WAP offers a higher level of flexibility since the workers in an office-based wireless setup can network without sitting in a dedicated computer and be productive even while away from the office (Sarkar et al., 2016).


WAP is more exposed to attacks from unauthorized users who may tend to access information of individuals or companies requiring more expenses in security installations. WAP is slower and less efficient compared to wired networks and will, therefore, require a wired backbone network. WAP usually have a network coverage problem resulting in black sports where there are no signals for example in buildings with steel reinforcements. WAP has installation problems especially in areas where other wireless technologies are in use or radio interference exists which slows down the wireless communication (Sarkar et al., 2016).


Hossain, M. M., Fotouhi, M., & Hasan, R. (2015, June). Towards an analysis of security issues, challenges, and open problems in the internet of things. In Services (SERVICES), 2015 IEEE World Congress on (pp. 21-28). IEEE.

Sarkar, S. K., Basavaraju, T. G., & Puttamadappa, C. (2016). Ad hoc mobile wireless networks: principles, protocols, and applications. CRC Press.

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Conspiracy Theory


This week, we will serve to use the class as a preliminary area of interest and support for our topic selection for the upcoming Informational speeches that will be due in the following weeks. It is always important to grasp what people know about your topic, how they feel about it, and allow yourself the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback when possible before preparing a public speech.

The Blog this week will operate as a live proposal of your speech topic, consideration of research that you will locate and evaluate, and a sense of the audience, analysis to prepare your presentation to your peers. I want you to use the chapter readings to demonstrate the language of research as you propose what research you need and how you plan to integrate evidence.

To help, I want to provide some suggestions for your response:

  • Topic (choose a conspiracy theory)
  • Come up with a title (thesis) that clearly states your topic and is informative and descriptive
  • Create an abstract/ summary (150-250 words)
  • Discuss keywords central to your research topic or understanding the topic (consider groups, dates, events, historical foundations, and background, news sources, social media, and hashtags)
  • Include a review of sources (Literature Review) you are looking at or intend to review for research/ Describe the proposed research (Methodology)
  • Ask any questions to see how familiar your audience is with the proposed topics and clarify areas that may need more attention and those you can review in your presentation more quickly because they are well known by your audience.

Again, work on the blog entry with the idea that you need to contribute until you feel you have adequately represented yourself clearly in addressing the prompt. This should not be a final draft but a start to how you will approach your topic and what you are looking to include and where you will look more than having the answers and writing a research paper for submission.

Do not forget to respond and help others with planning their speeches through comments.

 Locate 5 varied sources for your speech assignment. Remember you are choosing a conspiracy theory as your topic.

You need to include both scholarly research and Internet research.

Write an annotated bibliography using APA style of five (5) sources.

Web 2.0 Annotated Bibliography

 Any examples?

Web 2.0 tools can be used as a tool to engage college students in their courses. Create a list of 10 Web 2.0 tools that you would consider using in your college classroom. Cite where the tool came from and give a 50-100-word description of what the tool is and how you would consider using it.

Patient Safety in Health Care

 Describe in your own words how systems thinking can improve health care in your organization and minimize patients’ adverse events. Give examples.

The organization I work in is a Hospital. I belong to the Surgical department. Both can be used in context.

References are to be done APA style. 



Weekly Reviews (3pts each): Each week, you should review the recent literature (published within the last 6 months) and select (1) article to review. Your review should be 200 – 300 words in length, and written in your own words. In your review you should include:

a.  (1.5pts) A brief summary/overview of the topic – What is the research study really about?

b.  (1.5pts) Your reaction to the research – Reflect on what it means for future research. What impacts might applications from this study have?

·  -1 point for reviews that are outside of the length requirement

·  No credit for reviews that are not written in your own words.

Acceptable sources include, but are not limited to:

Scientific American:

American Scientist:

Science News:

BBC Focus:

Science Magazine:


New York Times – Science:


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