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MAcro extra credit read article and answer the questions

assignment 3


  1. Read the short editorial by Diane Coyle at http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/de/blog-de/is-gdp-still-useful.htm regarding using GDP as a measure of economic progress. Visit the website for the OECD Better Life Index: http://www.oecdbetterlifeindex.org/#/11111111111
    Feel free to explore the website and familiarize yourself with the index. Click on the “Countries” drop-down tab and select “United States” (you may have to scroll down to see the U.S.). Read through the summary information and corresponding rankings for the categories included in the index.

  2. Upload your individual response of 2-3 paragraphs (about 1 page) to any or all of the following questions. Your response will clearly involve some amount of opinion, but do your best at thinking through and analyzing the questions fully before writing your answer. Carefully organize your writing before uploading your response, and any information from outside sources must be cited appropriately using MLA style. You should upload these to the “Assignments” folder. Please be sure you save your assignment as .rtf, .docx, .doc in order to upload. See the attached rubric for how you will be graded on this assignment.


  1. What is your general reaction to Diane Coyle’s comments and the usefulness of GDP as a measure for comparing countries’ progress/well-being?
  2. What surprises you about the rankings and comparisons regarding the U.S.?
  3. Are there other categories that should be incorporated into a more complete well-being index?
  4. Of the categories included in the index, which do you find most important when making a comparison across countries regarding well-being?

Once you have completed this assignment, please save it in .doc, .docx or RTF format and upload it through the Unit 3 Writing Assignment folder.

Read the article and write the paper

Friday Dis

Discussion 9: Your Project Company’s Contract Issues

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Consider the business you have selected for your term paper.

1. Review Key Business Contracts. What do you think will be the most important contracts you will need for your business? Why? What risks do you think you will need to guard against in your contracts (e.g. if a restaurant, getting fresh food in a timely manner from your distributors)?

2. Comment on the findings of two classmates. 

Make it a substantive conversation of the issues being discussed. “I agree” or “I disagree” or similar phrases are not enough of a response.

Article summary

Please read this handout and summarize the main points.

Final essay

All the instruction and questions are mention below in word attached. Please check

through all the instructions carefully. Choose one  from the following 3 options.

econ 505



Assignment 3

September 30, 2017 (Due October 7, 2017)

I. A firm produces 500 units per week. It hires 20 full-time workers (40 hours/week) at an hourly wage of $15. Raw materials are ordered weekly and they cost $10 for every unit produced. The weekly cost of the rent payment for the factory is $2,250. What is the breakdown of fixed, variable, and total costs?  Explain.

II. Total costs increase from $1500 to $1800 when a firm increases output from 40 to 50 units. How much are fixed costs? Explain.

III. You run a game day shuttle service for parking services for the local ball club. Your costs for different numbers of customer are 1: $30, 2: $32, 3: $35, 4: $38, 5: $42, 6: $48, 7: $57, and 8: $68. What are your marginal costs for each customer? If you can charge $10 per ride, how many customers would you want? Explain.

IV. A copy company wants to expand production. It currently has 20 workers who share eight copiers. Two months ago, the firm added two copiers, and output increased by 100,000 pages per day. One month ago, they added five workers, and productivity increased by 50,000 pages per day. Copiers cost about twice as much as workers. Would you recommend they hire another employee or buy another copier? Explain.


Assignment 4

I. You were able to purchase two tickets to an upcoming concert for $100 apiece when the concert was first announced three months ago. Recently, you saw that StubHub was listing similar seats for $225 apiece. What does it cost you to attend the concert? Explain.

II. Students doing poorly in courses often consider dropping the courses. Many universities will only offer a refund up to a certain date. Should this affect their drop decisions? Explain.

III. Based upon the required reading, “The Era of Cloud Computing,” answer the following questions.

1. “For the half-century that computers have been part of the workplace, companies have bought their own machines for corporate data centers.” What costs must companies incur when setting up their own corporate data centers?

2. Why has Amazon Web Services (AWS) been able to cut the price of data storage so aggressively? (Think about what the long run average cost curve for data storage might look like.)

3. Mark DePristo (of SynapDx) says he gets computing services for $25,000 that would cost him $1,000,000 to provide for himself. Why would it be so much cheaper to buy the services?

IV. Based upon the required reading, “A Reality Check for Home Sellers,” answer the following questions.

1. What error in decision-making are homeowners making? 

2. If you were a real estate agent representing a seller, what would you advise?

3. How would your advice change if you represented a buyer?


Assignment 5

I. Relative to managers in more monopolistic industries, are managers in competitive industries more likely to spend their time on reducing costs or on pricing strategies? Explain.

II. Describe the differences between the way a “society” (i.e. government and/or consumers) and a businessperson might view a monopolist.

III. If demand for Nike running shoes is inelastic, should Nike raise or lower price? Explain.

IV. Based upon the required reading, “The Cost of Gas: How Two Stations Set Their Prices” (USA Today, May 23, 2008), answer the following questions. 

1) Suppose Steve Kehler calls his gasoline supplier to order a new shipment and discovers the wholesale price has dropped by three cents. Should Kehler adjust the price he charges to his customers?

2) Suppose a neighboring station cuts its price. How will this affect Kehler’s demand?

3) How should Kehler adjust his price as a result of the neighbor’s price cut?


V. Look at the websites on ski ticket pricing ( http://www.snowbird.com/ and http://sportsden.com/discount-ski-lift-tickets/). Answer the following questions.

1) How much less do seniors pay for a one-day pass compared to other adults? (Do this comparison assuming both buy on the mountain.) Why?

2) Snowbird lists a lot of prices on its web site, but doesn’t list the price shown on the Sports Den site. Why might Snowbird offer such a lower price through Sports Den?


ECON Forum Reply and ACCT Question

  Need two forum replies completed and accounted type of question. The forum replies should be 175 words with references each and be in a discussion format. The accounting related task is 250 words. Thanks  



You are about to purchase your first home and receive an advertisement regarding adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs).  The interest rate on the ARM is lower than that on a fixed rate mortgage. The advertisement mentions that there would be a payment cap on your monthly payments and you would have the option to convert to a fixed-rate mortgage. You are tempted. Interest rates are currently low by historical standards and you are anxious to buy a house and stay in it for the long term.  

Why might an ARM not be the right mortgage for you?


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