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There are 6 discussion questions. With a 150 word minimum.

Lesson 3 In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to ONE of the following questions:

· After reading the Gill essay, Discuss the logical point made by some opponents of PAS that it is impossible to be better off dead than alive. Even if the logical argument were sound, are there other reasons to claim that suicide for a terminally ill patient is morally justified?

· What worries does Velleman raise about appeals to dignity and autonomy in arguments over euthanasia? Do you agree or disagree with him on this issue? Why or why not?

Lesson 4 In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to the following questions:

· Leopold suggests that economics should not be our only concern when it comes to the use of land. To what extent should economic considerations play a part in our treatment of nature and the environment?

· Are there any situations in which economic concerns might trump environmental ones? If so, could you give an example?

Lesson 5 In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to the following questions:

· Do you relate more to the abolitionist or the retentionist position?

· What do you see as the two strongest supporting arguments for your position, and why?

Lesson 6 In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to the following questions:

· Prior to reading the text, how would you have defined terrorism?

· What is your understanding of terrorism now?

· How would you account for the huge amount of terrorism in the 20th and 21st centuries?

· What do you see as the ethically proper response to acts of terror?

Lesson 7 In a paragraph (150 words minimum), please respond to ONE of the following questions:

· What do people spend money on that they either don’t need or rarely use other than those things mentioned by Singer? What things might people be most easily convinced to do without, and why?

· Consider and discuss whether the Kantian argument for helping the vulnerable is more or less convincing than the traditional utilitarian arguments. What kinds of arguments would be the most likely to persuade people to help those in need?

· Does Peter Singer’s greatest moral evil rule require that persons act in heroic ways or go above and beyond the call of duty as Arthur suggests? Explain your answer.

Lesson 8 In a paragraph (150 word minimum), please respond to ONE of the following questions:

· Macedo distinguishes two possible ways, which he labels “humanitarian assistance” and “distributive justice,” of seeking to improve the condition of the poor. Explain these two approaches to assisting the poor. Do you agree or disagree with them? Why or why not?

· Why does Macedo claim that cosmopolitan distributive justice “makes no sense”? Do you agree or disagree with him on this question?

Heritage Project

“What aspect of your heritage do you plan to focus on?

What are you planning to create for your project? A poster? Art piece? Film? Other:_______?

What three (3) concepts from our textbook do you plan to use in support of your heritage project?

Do you plan to write a paper? do a PowerPoint? create a YouTube Vid? Other: ___________?    “Here is the name of the book. Diversity & Society: Race, Ethnicity and Gender (5th)

Joseph F. Healey and Andi Stepnick (Healey)

Sage Publishing, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-4522-7574-

us history

answer the below question 200 word min.  Due tomorrow by 5 pm est.

1.How did the spirit of Manifest Destiny and federal policies guide the outcome of Native American tribes on the Great Plains and west of the Great Plains?   2.How do you think immigration policies today facilitate immigration to the United States?  References  History. (2018a). Manifest destiny. Retrieved from  History. (2018b). Native American cultures. Retrieved from  Khan Academy. (2018). Manifest destiny. Retrieved from

Imprecatory Psalms


Topic: Imprecatory Psalms

Thread Prompt: After reading John Day’s Article on the Imprecatory Psalms (access the PDF link below), you must develop answers to the prompts below (minimum 400 words). Interact with specific details and issues raised in the assigned article as you answer each of the prompts. You are permitted to use outside scholarly sources and the Bible in your responses.

  • Explain what an imprecatory psalm is and how these align with other segments of the Old Testament (for instance, oracles of judgment in the prophets).
  • Explain the concept of imprecation in the New Testament and in a general biblical theology.
  • Based on the Day article, what is your view regarding the application of imprecatory psalms in light of Jesus’ “turn the other cheek” teaching. Does imprecation have a role in Christian living, ethics, and theology, and if so, what does that tangibly look like?

Reply Prompt: You will be required to reply to at least 1 other classmate’s thread in a minimum of 200 words. Be sure that your reply engages specific issues, questions, or passages related to the thread. Your reply must demonstrate that you have read the thread in its entirety and that you are providing thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts). In current Turabian format.

Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday and submit your reply by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.


Make sure to read my part 1 info then do the part 2 assignment. 4 pages. 

chapter 9


Objective: Identify and evaluate key figures, events, and themes in the history of the Americas, Europe, and Africa from pre-Columbian times to early European settlement. ( (CLSLO #3)

Rubric: Please review the grading rubric  (CRQ Rubric – 20 points.pdfPreview the document) for this assignment. When you get your score, please refer to the rubric. If you have any questions, or would like additional feedback, please make a direct request to me.

The assignment is to find the answers to the following questions within the assigned text – American Yawp.

Chapter 9 Review Questions.docxPreview the document

Please number your submission according to the questions, followed by the appropriate answers:

  • For multiple choice:
    • indicate the letter (A, B, C, D), 
    • identify the part of the book in which you found the information, by including the citation number used by the author.
    • compose a brief statement, written in your own words, to justify your choice.
  • For short answer questions:
    • please compose an original response of 2-5 sentences, written in your own words, 
    • include the part of the book in which you found the information (page # or Ch.section).

There are no formatting or other requirements, but please note that these submissions will go through the TurnItIn plagiarism check. Be sure your work is 100% original.

Discussion Post 5: Mizelle, Grego, and Vann

Write a 150-250 word post response tot his prompt:  Focusing on Grego or Vann, discuss how the author uses attention to race to illuminate specific elements of the disaster they’re examining.  (Alternatively, you may create your own prompt related to the readings and respond to it.  If you choose this option, provide your prompt at the top.)

Add one question about something that confused you in the readings, or one they left unanswered that you’re curious about, or one you’d like to hear others’ opinions on. 


Explore the conflict between China and Tibet that lead to the exile of the Dali Lama in 1959. Using a minimum of two sources, summarize the main events that preceded the exile and the current position of both sides. Analyze the impact of Buddhism on the sequence of events. How does the Dali Lama’s religion influence his reactions and decisions? What specific aspects of Buddhism inform the politics of the situation? What is the current status of the conflict? Sources should be cited in APA format. 

the ancient summarian civilization

summary about this civilization