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Follow APA format for each Task



Information resource management

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INFO 6250
Midterm Exam (Summer 2020)


All of the page numbers refer to the Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, 16e and 15e. You must choose either the 16e or 15e, based upon the book you purchased. Answer all of the case questions associated with each case. Place your name and student number at the top of the first page. Place the following statement under your name: “I have worked on this exam independently and have not given nor received help from anyone.”

Format the answers as Times New Roman, 10 pt. Single Spaced, number all of the pages. Start each Chapter on a separate page by entering inserting a page break. Please write out each case question as a sub-heading, underline it and answer the question. Insert page number at the bottom right of each page. Leave a blank line between questions. Turn in exams prior to Sunday, June 28, 11:59 pm in both a Word and PDF file using the file format: lastname- midterm.docx.


  1. Chapter 2:
    16e: Social Business (p.74) Information Systems 15e: Social Business (p.74) Information Systems
  2. Chapter 3:
    16e: Smart Products (p.102). Internet of Things 15e: Smart Products (p.102). Internet of Things
  3. Chapter 4:
    16e: Facebook (p.157). Privacy
    15e: Facebook (p.157). Privacy
  4. Chapter 5:
    16e: BYOD (p.206). Computing for Employees 15e: BYOD (p.206). Computing for Employees
  5. Chapter 6:
    16e: How Reliable is Big Data (p.246). Analyzing Data 15e: Can We Trust Big Data (p.244) Analyzing Data
  6. Chapter 7:
    16e: Monitoring Employees (p.270). Unethical? 15e: Monitoring Employees (p.268). Unethical?
  7. Chapter 8:
    16e: Equifax (p.333). Data Breach
    15e: US Post Office (p.330). Data Breach

discussion 6 TM



A.     Consider the different teams presented in your reading assignment. How do the teams manage their team boundaries? What are the trade-offs between internal cohesion and external ties within each type of team? Support your discussion with at least two (2) external sources.

B.     Consider the list of common roles for team members which of these roles do you think you play in your own team or group? Why?

with atleast 250 words included and with citations and APA format

Group training

Part A

Think about a popular TV show that you watch that focuses on small-group dynamics. Use a popular TV drama/comedy focused on the workplace. Please note the importance of “focused on the workplace.” The Office provides a lot of good examples.  (Season 2 episode 21 Conflict resolution)


Write, individually (on your own.), a one-page reaction to the small-group dynamics demonstrated in the show. From a communication perspective, what went wrong? How could the members have handled the situation differently? 

Analyze the small-group dynamics demonstrated in SELECTED TV SHOW by considering the following:

  • The scope and functions of small groups within the organization featured on the show, such as idea generation, event planning, process or creation, evaluation, and quality control
  • The effectiveness of each member’s communication styles. What are the opportunities for improvement?
  • The type of leadership within the small group, such as fixed, rotational, or ad hoc
  • How the group leader and members communicate during group meetings
  • Communication obstacles, such as groupthink tendencies, credibility issues, and insufficient listening

Refer to this week’s readings to inform your analysis.

Part B 

Create a group training presentation based on the communication deficiencies displayed in the SELECTED TV SHOW. Your training plan may be in the format of your choice. This is the graded portion of the assignment.

  • You may choose a 15- to 18-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®  presentation with speaker notes, or an equivalent multimedia program or technology application, such as video, audio, or web conferencing software.

Include the following in your group training presentation (clearly label each discussion prompt):

  • The communication skills the group must implement to become more effective
  • The roles each member must adopt to become more effective
  • The leadership skills the manager must demonstrate to become more effective
  • Appropriate managerial actions to mitigate communication obstacles
  • Conflict management strategies to encourage positive outcomes (I am looking for specific conflict management strategies)

Financial Management



Excel Spreadsheet and Written Analysis – Chosen Company Ratio Analysis

Now it is time to use the financial model that you have been creating over the past 4 modules/weeks. First, as per textbook instructions, load your company’s financial statements into your Excel financial model. If you constructed your model correctly, it will produce a ratio analysis table for your company. Next, find and read 3 articles (or guides) that describe how to conduct a ratio analysis of a company. Finally, using these articles and chapter 13 in your textbook, write a ratio analysis report for your company. Your report must include the ratio printout from your financial model. Evaluate all ratios and/or ratio trends that you believe are interesting or relevant. Your paper must be at least 1000 words, using proper current APA guidelines. Make sure to properly reference and cite your sources.

Company chosen is Sherwin-williams, Analysis for the year 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

The textbook is Building Financial Models third Edition by John S. Tjia. / If you want me to upload the chapter 13 & 14 for you please let me know so the solution can reflect what is in the textbook. 

PART ii 

Excel Spreadsheet and Written Analysis – Chosen Company Financial Forecast

Similar to last module/week’s assignment, use your Excel financial model to create a financial forecast for your company. First, use the ratio analysis you conducted (and any other information you can find about analyst’s projections for the firm) to create all assumptions required for your forecasting model. Generate a written list of all of your assumptions, with a reason or explanation for each assumption. For example, if you assume that sales will grow at 12 percent for the next year, provide specific justification for this assumption. Do this for every assumption that you use to create your forecasts. You should have assumptions for every account listed in Chapter 14 of your textbook (if an account is not valid, you can ignore that item, but there should be very few that are not valid).

Your report must include the forecasting printout from your financial model. Finally, evaluate the implications of your forecasts for your company. Do your forecasts indicate strength? Weakness? Why? Your paper must be at least 1000 words in length using proper current APA guidelines. Make sure to properly reference and cite your 3 sources.


Excel Spreadsheet and Written Analysis – Chosen Company Valuation

Using your Excel financial model, create a valuation estimate for your company. Your estimate will incorporate the following:

· The weighted average cost of capital  

· The free cash flows  

· The terminal value  

· The enterprise value  

· The equity value

Your financial model, if properly constructed, will create all of these items except for the weighted average cost of capital. Find and read at least 3 scholarly articles about the weighted average cost of capital (WACC). In Part I of your report, write a summary of the articles that you read.

To create WACC for your model, you must find values for all parts of the WACC equation (for your company). In Part II of your report, list the values you believe are appropriate for the WACC equation for your company and provide specific justification for each variable estimate.

Next, use your WACC assumptions within your financial model to create a valuation estimate. A printout of your valuation estimate will be Part III of your report. Finally, in Part IV, compare your estimate to the actual enterprise value (i.e., debt value plus equity value) of the company. Explain (as best you can) the difference between your forecasted valuation and the actual value of the company, offering some possible explanations for the deviation.

Your paper should be at least 1000 words in length using proper current APA guidelines. Make sure to properly reference and cite your sources.


Content 70%



Overview   of Ratio Analysis

19 to 20 points

Student provides, as an introduction to the paper, a complete and   convincing description/argument for the how and why of ratio analysis.


Excel   Spreadsheet Ratio Printout

47 to 50 points

Spreadsheet   table(s) is/are correct, professionally presented, with proper titles,   headings, etc. 


Company Analysis   Example: Ratio

33 to 35 points

Student clearly   and accurately identifies and evaluates major ratio trends or outliers   displayed in the Excel spreadsheet table(s). 


Structure 30%



Word   Limit Met

14 to 15 points

A minimum of   1000 words, excluding title page and references page.


Proper Spelling, Grammar, APA

14 to 15 points

There were no   more than 2 spelling, grammar, or APA errors.


Number   of Sources Used

14 to 15 points

Student used at   least 3 professional/scholarly references in each part, in addition to the   course textbooks and the Bible.

5.5 Paper: Proposal Report


Paper: Proposal Report | Graded


Create a proposal in accordance with guidelines in your text. This proposal may be for any civic, academic, or professional area for which you have researched possible solution(s). This may be a realistic proposal you wish to send. Review Chapter 15 for format guidance.


  • Paper should be 500–750 words double spaced with appropriate attribution of sources in APA format


Use the Internet to research and identify 10 ads that have used subliminal messages, prepare a report about these ads. Is it very easy for consumers to identify these hidden messages? What effect do they have if any? If not, why do you think advertisers use them?


Recently, some performance problems began to surface in your unit 

D.1 Global Health Foundations

All the information attached below

should be 2-3 paragraphs long in APA format