Writing Assignment 2


Discuss the difference between VBA and VB.Net. What are the differences and use scenarios for each?

· Prepare a quality, substantive journal post that addresses the objectives of the 

assignment and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric. 

· 300 words minimum is required. 

Use APA format  

OE W 7 A

Chapter 11 – Review the employment challenge in the digital era (as well as the entire chapter). Reflect on the various challenges are present in the digital era. Will things get better or more complicated as times goes on? Explain. What are some methods to assimilate new generations into the workforce to think about competitive advantage?

(Information Technology and Organizational Learning)

The above submission should be one -page in length and adhere to APA formatting standards.

**Remember the APA cover page and the references (if required) do not count towards the page length**

Complete the following assignment in one MS word document: Chapter 8 –discussion question #1-4 & exercise 4 Chapter 9- discussion question #1-5 & exercise 3


Complete the following assignment in one MS word document:

Chapter 8 –discussion question #1-4 & exercise 4

Chapter 9- discussion question #1-5 & exercise 3

When submitting work, be sure to include an APA cover page and include at least two APA formatted references (and APA in-text citations) to support the work this week.

All work must be original (not copied from any source)


Chapter 8: Discussion question 1-4

1. How does prescriptive analytics relate to descriptive and predictive analytics?

2. Explain the differences between static and dynamic models. How can one evolve into the other?

3. What is the difference between an optimistic approach and a pessimistic approach to decision making under assumed uncertainty?

4. Explain why solving problems under uncertainty sometimes involves assuming that the problem is to be solved under conditions of risk.

Exercise 4

Investigate via a Web search how models and their solutions are used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the “war against terrorism.” Also investigate how other governments or government agencies are using models in their missions.

Chapter 9: Discussion question 1-5

1. What is Big Data? Why is it important? Where does Big Data come from?

2. What do you think the future of Big Data will be? Will it lose its popularity to something else? If so, what will it be?

3. What is Big Data analytics? How does it differ from regular analytics?

4. What are the critical success factors for Big Data analytics?

5. What are the big challenges that one should be mindful of when considering implementation of Big Data analytics?

Exercise 3

At teradatauniversitynetwork.com, go to the Sports Analytics page. Find applications of Big Data in sports. Summarize your findings.

Information Technology

Conduct research and summarize why do you believe that web applications, mobile applications, and software programs are becoming less secure.

APA format

Include references and in-text citations

300-350 words.

No Plagiarism.

security architecture 12

 Discuses the best way to defend  Against the Web Cache Deception Attack 



A picture containing food  Description automatically generatedPROJECT 1

The purpose of this project is to   demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:


1. How companies use digital and social media to   effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to   achieve a specific goal.
  2. How digital media has transformed the communication of an idea,   information, and arguments in society.

Project   Description
The use of digital media has   transformed how companies communicate with their customers. The use of the   websites, YouTube, e-books, e-mail and various forms of social media such as   Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and blogs has shaped   current day communication strategies.

Project 1 Consists of:

1. Project Requirements (topics and content to cover)
  2. Paper Requirements (content organization)
  3. Submission Requirements (how to submit your assignment)
  4. APA Resources (how to cite and select sources)
  5. Due Date Information and Late Policy

Project Requirements
Select a company that utilizes   digital or social media to communicate with customers to complete Section 1.

NOTE 1: You   are required to complete ALL THREE SECTIONS of this project (Sections 1, 2,   and 3).


Provide the following information   about the company you select:
Item 1: What is the name of the   company?
Item 2: What year was the company established?
Item 3: What is the company’s goal or mission?
Item 4: What products and services does the company offer   or provide?
Item 5: Provide the company website address (URL).
Item 6: How many   employees does the company employ?
Item 7: Where is the   company’s headquarters located?
Item 8: What are the   company’s most recent earnings?

Section 1 Source: Include at least one source for   Section 1. Include this source as an in-paper citation and on your Reference   page.
Section 1 Example: The   Henkel Company
To help you with   completing Section 1, an example is provided below:
“…Henkel was founded   in 1876. People around the world trust Henkel’s innovations, brands, and   technologies. In the fiscal year 2016, the company reported sales of approx.   18.7 billion euros and an operating profit of around 3.2 billion euros   (adjusted for one-time gains/charges and restructuring charges). The DAX-30   company has its headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. Henkel employs more than   50,000 people worldwide, over 80 percent of whom work outside of Germany.   Henkel is thus one of the most international German companies…”

Henkel. (2019). Company Profile. In Company   Profile. Retrieved 1/15/19, from https://www.henkel.com/press-and-media/facts-and-figures/company-profile

NOTE 2: You cannot use the Henkel Company in your project.


How does the company use Digital   and Social Media to communicate with their customers?

Item 1: List   all of the digital and social media platforms the company uses to communicate   with customers (including websites, YouTube, e-books, e-mail and various   forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram,   and blogs).
Item 2: Describe how the company uses EACH digital   and social media listed in Item 1 above to achieve its goals or mission.

Section 2 Source: Include   at least one source for Section 2. Include this   source as an in-paper citation and on your References page.


Provide an example of how the   company uses digital and/or social media to accomplish an objective (e.g. to address a serious public relations   issue, promote a cause, market a product, achieve a strategic advantage by   using Big Data, or promote an event).

Item 1:    Describe the situation or example in detail.
Item 2:  How successful was the company in accomplishing the   objective? Support your answer with reference (s).
Item 3:  List one thing the company could have done better   to accomplish their objective. Be sure to focus on the use of digital or   social media here.
Item 4: If you decide to discuss the company’s use of Big Data to   achieve a strategic advantage, does their use of Big Data concern you as a   potential customer? Why or why not?

  To help you with completing Section 3, we have provided two sample   topics below:

  Section 3 Example 1: Target’s Data Breach
Target’s December 2013   data breach was a public relations nightmare, but the company responded   swiftly over social media, posting safety guidelines on Twitter and keeping   an open dialog with its aggrieved customers.

Section 3 Example 2: Target’s Use of Big Data
Target is renowned in the industry   for its data collection practices. Target maintains a customer relationship   management database which includes information from in-store purchases (they   link all of your purchases to a unique customer identifier) and data they   collect externally (e.g. data from Facebook and other sources).  Combine   the two data streams and Target can predict, with a high degree of certainty,   what your gender is, where you live, how far you travel to work, your   relationship status, and they can even tell if you are pregnant and if so   when you are due. The amount of money spent each year on pregnancy-related   purchases is tremendous. In efforts to win the market share in this profit   area, Target has hired a team of statisticians to perform predictive   analysis. The goal, in this particular situation, is to predict which women   are expecting (or soon to be), without asking them directly, by analyzing   their purchasing behavior (e.g. cribs, baby clothes, prenatal vitamins,   etc.). This way Target can “target” this particular demographic   (with coupons, discounts, and other offers) very early, thus getting a jump   on the competition.

Section 3 Sources: Include   at least two sources for Section 3. Include the two   sources as in-paper citations and on your References page. At least one source should be professional or scholarly.

NOTE 3: You   cannot use Target in your project or any company we discussed in class (e.g.   Google).


Paper   Requirements
1. Your paper must   follow APA format guidelines throughout.
(A sample APA template for you to use is attached   to the bottom of this page). Be sure to use the the sample template.

a. Double-spaced
  b. 1-inch Margins
  c. 12-point size professional font (e.g. Times New Roman)
  d. Header
  e. Automatic Page numbers
  f. Title page
  g. Reference page

2. Length: Minimum of 1,500; Maximum of 2,000   words.
(Title page, Reference page, and   direct quotes do not count toward the total word count). 

NOTE 4: Going over 1,500 words is fine, but if you are   under 1,500 you will be penalized based on the following scale: One letter grade (10%) for every 500 words you are under the word count minimum.

3. Include one Image.
Include at least one table, graph,   or image of an appropriate size that is relevant and supports the information   provided in your paper. Feel free to create the image if you like.

Image Example: The   Henkel Company Infographic
  To help you with completing your project, we have included a sample image. This is a great infographic that provides data on   the Henkel Company. This infographic would work well in Section 1.

henkel company infographic

Henkel Company Infographic [Digital image].   (n.d.). Retrieved January 15, 2019, from here.

4. Title Page
Your title page must be APA   formatted and include the following:

a. Project Name
  b. Your Name
  c. Instructor’s Name
  d. Course name and section number
  e. Title of Company Analysis

5. References Page
Your References page must be APA   formatted.

6. Sources: Include at least Four (4) Sources   (Total)
a. Include at least One (1) Source   for Section 1.
  b. Include at least One (1) Source for Section 2.
  c. Include at least Two (2) Sources for Section 3. At least one of the two   sources must be a Professional or Scholarly Source.

Clarification: Please do not   use unprofessional sources such as Wikipedia, About.com, Answers.com,   Dictionary.com, How.com, or anything remotely similar.  Examples   of scholarly sources include textbooks, articles,   academic journals, and conference proceedings. Scholarly resources are   written by experts in their fields, grounded in research, and often refereed   (reviewed and edited by researchers in the field). Examples of professional   sources include trade journals or magazines. Professional   sources are written for a specific audience that works in a certain field.   They are not research-based. You can also use our course content (e.g. Read   & Watch resources) as a source as well. UMGC has a top-notch, extensive   online library. You can find many scholarly and professional sources there.

NOTE 5: You can also use social media (e.g.   Twitter posts, blogs, YouTube) sources as well as this is a paper about the   use of digital and social media.

7. Setup & Organization
Your paper must include the   following pages and Level 1 Headings:

a. Cover Page
  b. Company Profile (Section 1)
  c. Digital and Social Media Use (Section 2)
  d. Analysis (Section 3)
  e. Reference Page

APA Resources
UMGC’s Effective Writing Center   offers several resources for APA formatting and citation style.

1. APA 6th Manuscript Formatting

2. All About APA – Complete Guide

3. CiteFast Citation Maker for APA


Submission   Requirements
Please submit your completed   paper to your Assignments   Folder in our CMST 301 LEO   Classroom before the due date.

Due   Date

Five (5) Day Late Period: The Assignments Folder will remain open 5 days after the   due date for late submissions. There will be a 10% (or 2 point) reduction   each day (24-hour period) the assignment is late.  After 5 days, late   assignments will not be accepted or graded. The Assignments Folder   will be closed at this point as well and you will not be able to physically   submit the assignment.

Exceptions may be allowed, on a   case-by-case basis, for life situations (military deployment, medical   illness, death in the family, etc). In all cases, timely notification of a   “life situation” is critical to the approval of any extensions. All   exceptions must be accompanied by official documentation, which is subject to   inspection and approval. Workload, course load, vacations, or bad memory are   not acceptable excuses.

Running Close to the Deadline?: Please do not wait until the last minute to submit   your assignment. Give yourself at least a 5-hour window to account for any   technical difficulties that might arise. If   you experience technical difficulties beyond your control that do not allow   you to successfully complete the assignment, immediately follow the steps   below:

Step 1: Contact UMGC 360 Help and Support. Inform them of the problem you are having. Get a problem   ticket number from them to document the situation.
Step 2: E-mail me ASAP and include (a) your class and   section, (b) description of the problem you are having, (c) your problem   ticket number from 360 Help and Support, and (d) your name, so I can   investigate the situation.
Step 3: Attempt to attach your assignment to a message to me   inside of LEO.
Step 4: E-mail the assignment to me.

Grade   Value
This project is worth 100 points or 20% of   your total grade for the course.

Grade   Reductions
You will lose points   for issues such as: not following directions, not submitting your work on   time, and failure to include all required elements. Each omission will result   in a partial point deduction.

Submitting   Your Assignment
To complete this   project and receive full credit, you must submit your completed presentation   to your Assignments Folder unless you encounter problems–discussed   above).

CYA   (Copy Your Assignment)
Please make sure you   keep a copy of your project stored on your computer. Technical difficulties   do happen–you may need to resubmit your assignment for a number of reasons.   It is always a good policy to CYA!

Having   Problems?
Please contact me in   advance if you are having problems understanding what is required of you.

Do   Your Own Work
UMGC has strict   policies regarding turning in work that is not 100% your own creation. I will   enforce these policies.

Verify   Your Assignment Has Been Posted ( *** Very Important *** )
It is your   responsibility to make sure you have posted your assignment CORRECTLY! Once   you have posted your assignment, immediately attempt to view it, just to make   sure your post was accepted by LEO, that it is formatted correctly, and you   have posted the correct file.

NOTE 6: You will be held responsible for posting your assignments   correctly.

Project 1: Company Analysis

Project 3


Project Three  

For Project 3, you will use an online electronic ticketing help desk product, and then compare that product to the LBE Helpdesk software that can be downloaded from the following link http://www.cusweb.com/lbe-helpdesk-educational-download.html (Links to an external site.) (Note that the reference in your book will not work). You are more than welcome to download and try the LBE Helpdesk product, but that is not required. (Since the LBE Helpdesk must be installed on a computer, it would be difficult to manage for any students using shared computer facilities.)  Please see the attached file for detailed project directions (also included in the project document at the bottom of the Content screen).


Assignment 2


Paper Section 1: Reflection and Literature Review

Using Microsoft Word and Professional APA format, prepare a professional written paper supported with three sources of research based on what you have learned from chatpers 5 and 6.  This section of the paper should be a minimum of two pages. 

Paper Section 2:  Applied Learning Exercises

In this section of the professional paper, apply what you have learned from chapters 5 and 6 to descriptively address and answer the problems below.  Important Note:  Dot not type the actual written problems within the paper itself.

  1. Examine how new data-capture devices such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags help organizations accurately identify and segment their customers for activities such as targeted marketing. Many of these applications involve data mining. Scan the literature and the Web and then propose five potential new data mining applications that can use the data created with RFID technology. What issues could arise if a country’s laws required such devices to be embedded in everyone’s body for a national identification system?
  2. Survey and compare some data mining tools and vendors. Start with fairisaac.com and egain.com. Consult dmreview.com and identify some data mining products and service providers that are not mentioned in this chapter. One of my favorites to explore is RapidMiner found at https://rapidminer.com/ and an educational license option can be found at:  https://rapidminer.com/educational-program/
  3. Explore the Web sites of several neural network vendors, such as California Scientific Software (calsci.com), NeuralWare (neuralware.com), and Ward Systems Group (wardsystems.com), and review some of their products. Download at least two demos and install, run, and compare them.
  4. Important Note:  With limited time for a college class, perfection is not expected but effort to be exposed to various tools with attempts to learn about them is critical when considering a career in information technology associated disciplines.

Important Note:  There is no specific page requirement for this section of the paper but make sure any content provided fully addresses each problem.

Paper Section 3:  Conclusions

After addressing the problems, conclude your paper with details on how you will use this knowledge and skills to support your professional and or academic goals. This section of the paper should be around one page including a custom and original process flow or flow diagram to visually represent how you will apply this knowledge going forward.  This customized and original flow process flow or flow diagram can be created using the “Smart Art” tools in Microsoft Word.

Paper Section 4:  APA Reference Page

The three or more sources of research used to support this overall paper should be included in proper APA format in the final section of the paper.

Paper Review and Preparation to submit for Grading

Please make sure to proof read your post prior to submission. This professional paper should be well written and free of grammatical or typographical errors. Also remember not to plagiarize

Cyber Security paper


14 pages APA Single spaced Research Paper on concepts including Cyber Security, Data Breaches, Emerging threats and countermeasures in IT.



Create a discussion thread to answer the following question:

The protections from the security software must continue when the device is taken off the network, such as when it is off-grid, or in airplane mode and similar. Still, much of the time, software writers can expect the device to be online and connected, not only to a local network but to the World Wide Web, as well. Web traffic, as we have seen, has its own peculiar set of security challenges. What are the challenges for an always connected, but highly personalized device?