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Communities do not exist in a bubble. Often changes made in the larger society, driven by technology, have an unexpected effect on local communities. Consider the effects of the advancements in transportation technologies on communities. Routes of transportation have evolved from water to train to the road and then to air. Each of these advancements led to job displacement and changes in travel routes. In the United States, prior to the mid-1800s, the communities that thrived had water access and ports where the exchange of goods and services occurred. With the building of the transcontinental railway and the growth of transportation by rail, the communities that thrived had train depots. With the building of major highways in the 1900s, access to those roads became critical to survival. With each advancement, local communities were impacted, such that many communities that grew around train depots became ghost towns full of poverty, homelessness, and despair once train travel was no longer the primary means of human transportation. 

In this assignment, you are asked to create a presentation on one of the following topics:

  • Green Energy
  • Globalization
  • Communication Technology
  • Remote Elementary Education
  • Remote High School Education
  • Remote Work

You can create your presentation in your choice of presentation media. For example, you could choose to create a PowerPoint presentation, a video, or use Prezi. (refer to the Unit 1 assignment) If you choose to use video, you are required to supply a script as well as the URL of the video.

In your presentation, you must address the following:

  • Describe the specific technological development and its association with your chosen topic.
  • Explain why you chose that topic and the technological advancement associated with it.
  • Discuss which demographic (income, age, sexual preference, ethnicity) and/or geographic feature (urban, suburban, rural) might be most affected by the changes. Support your opinion with three (3) external references.
  • Explore the societal impacts (good and bad) associated with the technology. include a discussion for each of the following:
    • Economic impacts (unemployment, loss of revenue, poverty), include one (1) external reference
    • Health impacts (including mental health), include one (1) external reference
    • Privacy concerns, include one (1) external reference
    • Community life, include one (1) external reference

Be sure to use appropriate sources for the external references required for this assignment.

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Nurses advocate for their patients on all levels of patient care.  It is often overlooked the role that nurses take in influencing policy making, but this is one way that a nurse can advocate for patients.  Registered nurses (RN) and advance practice registered nurses (APRN) have several ways to influence policy making and create an improvement in patient care.  One way is to join a professional nurse organization group.  These groups often have a common theme in nursing and goals of the professional nurse role.  The organization may have an issue that they want to bring to the capitol and a member can aid in this goal (Burke, 2016).

            Another way that nurses can get involved in the legislative process is to write their state representatives about healthcare issues that they have personally seen in the field (American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2020).  This is a way anyone can get involved; however, a nurse becomes more skilled in their area of interest their state representatives may appreciate their input of expertise.  

            To explain these strategies to other RNs and APRNs on how to get involved in policy making this writer would first start at their place of work.  Every month this writer’s workplace has a town hall meeting to discuss happenings in the hospital and in the mental health field.  This would be a great platform for the writer to explain these strategies to others on how to get involved with policy making.  Another way to explain these strategies to other nurses would be to join other professional nursing organizations and demonstrate how the nurses can get involved in these strategies.  Nurses often do not take advantage of their professional role in policy making (Arabi et al., 2014).  Explaining that this may be another way to advocate for their patients may make these nurses realize the role they can have in policy making.

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For this RA, please turn to page 346 in your textbook and complete Nexus Interlude 11.2. Please provide an image of the health-related advertisement on your Word document. 

Please be sure to address all of the questions. Feel free to number your responses. In other words:

1. provide the answer to question 1 

2. provide the answer to question 2……

Power Point and Paper on Theorist Margaret Newman


Theory Analysis, Evaluation, and Presentation.

Submit both activities:

  1.  The PowerPoint Presentation (Text and visual design) – Power Point slides with font type in Arial; Times New Roman or Calibri. Font size greater than 20 points

2.  The Formal Paper (APA 7 Style)

Theorist (Margaret Newman)

Present a biographical review of the Theorist

Include images and quotes of the theorist

Mention Theorist relevant publications

Theory Evaluation

Present the theory official title and its relevance

Presents the historical evolution of the theory

Present the classification of the theory

Discuss the purpose or objectives of the theory

Discuss the philosophical assumptions or principles and how explicitly are stated

Define the main concepts of the theory (as defined by the theorist)

Mention and define the sub-concepts (if any)

Describe how the theory explicates the relationship between the concepts and sub-concepts

Identify, describe, and/or develop a conceptual map for the theory and explain the relations of the concepts

Discuss the benefits of the theory postulates for the practice, education, and research in nursing.

Theory Analysis – Attributes

Discuss how accessible and relevant is the theory for practice, research, and education in nursing

Explain how clear and understandable the theory is

Describe the consistency of the theory in terms of language, structure, and logic

Discuss the level of simplicity or complexity of the theory

Establish how generalizable the theory to Nursing or other health disciplines is

Applicability / Uses / Significance

Establish the medical, clinical, scientific, theoretical or practical value of the theory

Discuss the relevance and importance of the theory for the Nursing profession

Discuss how the theory be applied to present practice, education, and research

Describes the contribution of the theory to nursing science

Case Study Model

Present a case study or situation demonstrating the applicability of the theory


Include a list of primary source references utilizing and following APA 7th edition

Tables and Figures properly identified. (if apply)

APA format for margins and spaces in written paper