APP 11

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Assignment: Developing a Vision/Mission Statement

As part of the planning process for any new business, most leaders develop vision and mission statements to define the concept and goals of their emerging business. This is often part of the strategic plan and also may be referred to as the “central concept.” The vision/mission statement for a child development center should describe what services the center will provide to the community and explain how the center will provide these services. It should state, in general terms, the goals of the center.

Imagine that you are opening your own child development center. What type of child development program would you enact at this center (revisit Chapter 2, “Types of Child Development Programs” as studied in Module 2 if necessary)? What services would it provide, and how? What would be its main goal(s)? Develop a brief vision/mission statement for your center based on what you have learned throughout this course and your personal interests in the field of child development. 

Due Sunday of Week 11.