Discussion Topic


This subject is something discussed daily and has become an issue that has divided the country. I would like you to spend some time reading and watching several of the videos that are presented on the attached website. You will learn that artists (sculptors and others) are trying to make sense of the gun issue. After studying the information presented I would like you to comment on an artist, video or other content on the foundation website.
Now that you discussed several artists dealing with social and political issues around the world in the previous discussions, I think you can use your critical thinking skills to comment on the idea of “Guns in the Hands of Artist.
Do not offend or criticize what your classmates write. I only want a dialog of thought and how artists bring this dialog to the surface.

This is to be a positive and productive learning experience for artists and how they think.

You can access two websites below:


Below are several videos that might help you understand the concept.


There is a minimum of 250+ words required in your discussion