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Joshua AtkinsonEmail this Author




            A conflict present in Mistaken Identity: A Ten Minute Play was Individual versus Self. Although a case could be made that Kali’s conflict was Individual versus Society I believe a stronger case can be made that the core conflict is one of Individual versus Self, and I will explain why. Kali is insecure in her sexuality and this manifests negatively in several ways. First, she is dishonest with her brother and by extension Steve, with whom she agrees to go on a date with while knowing she will not be attracted to him, because as she stated, “Steve, being a lesbian is not negotiable”, (Clugston, 2014). She is also fairly condescending to him several times to which he finally replies, “This thing where you assume you know what I’m thinking—it’s getting old”, (Clugston, 2014). 

            Kali’s conflicting sense of self identity has a negative affect on her character development. She is in a state of fear about being found out. She lies to people about it, the people closest to her. She also makes many assumptions about how others will react to the fact that she is a lesbian. It is very possible that she agreed to this date because subconsciously she wanted the truth to be revealed to her brother, because when asked if she wanted him to tell her brother she says she doesn’t know then replies, “Maybe I told you because somewhere deep down, I do want him to know”, (Clugston, 2014). 









Virginia YoungEmail this Author


             A key conflict is a little bit individual versus nature,

society, self, and mostly individual versus individual.

Two key literary techniques is the exposition and foreshadowing.

From the beginning the tone was set, fate, and the suggestion

hinted to the situation.

     The conflict in this writing is different and similar to

Macbeth’s tragedy. Similar in the sense that the characters can

choose their paths from making a decision from within. Different

because Macbeth wife was pressuring him to do bad and Steve

wasn’t trying to do that to Kali.

      At the end of the day people are losing their loved ones

and lives everyday all around the world. I do not want to judge

anyone and get caught up in the things of this world. I feel it

is my dutiful purpose is to make sure I don’t lose my crown into


    To me both are tragedies because they shows the effects of

consequences. If Macbeth was happy he would have never let anyone

talk him into anything he did not want to do. Same goes for Kali

her brother or no one could her talked her into going to meet someone

for a date. Personally I would not do something if it

was too much of a burden for me. It comes a point in your life where

you have to ask yourself is this the life you really want to live are you

really happy?