Prof Anthony- Presentation time

So you send me the file on before 24:00 of Thursday in your local time, which is Friday afternoon here.


The contents of the presentation should be only summaries of the essay, not everything. So you have to prepare 3 things for the presentation.


1. Ms Powerpoint- 

* A powerpoint of 10 slides10 references.

* Each slide will have only heading, photos and dot points or little description, not too much information except the main informaions/titles in dot points. Descriptive information of each slide will be in an extra MS Word .doc file. I will read those to the audience while changing each slide.

Maintain the flow of  slide dot points and my verbal information from the MS Word .doc file in the exact serial.

At the beginning a Cover page slide which should be empty.

  Then 1st slide– definition of Modernity and a little introduction of relating those to the development of the machine and technology of that age in few words(like the 1st line of the essay that you used). And also the thesis statement at the same page that you found highlighted in the essay.

  2nd-7th slide– Headings, photos and dot points/main pieces of information(From the body paragraphs of the essay). Descriptive information goes to in an extra MS Word .doc file that will be in my hand while I presenting(don’t forget to put slide number please so that I know which slide I am reading). :p

  8th slide– Two random questions session(those questions should be related) at the 8th slide, there will be 2 questions for the audiences. I will ask those questions to the audiences, they will answer. But don’t forget to put the possible answers in the .doc file so that I know the answers and can join the discussion. :p

  9th slide– It’s the conclusion of the whole presentation. Few sentences of the conclusion, rests I will read from the paper if there is any.

  10th slide–  It’s the reference list.


2. MS Word .docx file for the Powerpoint


Remember it’s a 10 minutes presentation, thus the contents should not be more than 400-500 words that I am going to say.

Write down those 400-500 words content here in the separate .doc file. I will not show descriptive info to the class in the powerpoint slides, I am just gonna read those while presenting the headings, photos and dot points of each slide.

* Don’t forget to include headings and slide numbers on top of each paragraph in .doc file, so that I know which slide I am presenting.

Maintain the flow of  slide dot points and my verbal information from the MS Word .doc file in the exact serial.

* Don’t forget to put two related questions for the slide 8 here, including possible answers.

* It’s similar to the handout you made last time for the presentation, but that wasn’t handout. Please check the attached photos below to get an idea of how the handout has to look like. 


3. Handout of the presentation for the Audiences


* So in the handout you will show your creativity by expessing informations of your presentation in a  shortcut creative manner by using photos(few photos from the powerpoint), table, questions(slide 8), answers etc.

* The Handout tutorial provided by the lecturer attached below. It’s like a template that you can use to get idea about how the handout should look like, even you can use same to same template for preparing the handout, but by that I mean only the template, not written contents of the tutorial as the topic is different.

* There are 2 photos of another students handout attached below for your further reference/idea of the template again. 


That’s all. Hope this time it’s clear, if not please ask me, I don’t have anymore time to push it back. I still expect a perfect work from you, thanks and Good Luck. 🙂