Research paper Antigone


Hero Research Essay: Due Mon 7/24 by 11:59pm.  Pick any work of literature we will cover in class that you did not use for the first essay. Pick one of the characters from it, and Write an essay of 1000-1500 words in which you make and develop an argument about what makes that character either an epic hero, tragic hero, or trickster.  Do not try to cover all qualities that make that character a specific type of hero. Just focus on one or two major ones. You must support your argument with at least two credible secondary scholarly sources. You can use sources that focus on the work itself or on the category of hero (epic, tragic, trickster, or antihero) that you are focusing on. Your sources must come from books or GALELIO databases.  If you find a source somewhere other than a book or GALELIO you feel is credible, you must clear it with me first before you use it.  If you have any questions about whether a source is credible, ask me. You must have MLA formatted in-text citations and a works cited, which does not count toward the 1000-1500 word count. You must have at least four direct quotes, but you may need more.  Most of the quotes should be brief with the focus being on analyzing the quotes, but you can use up to one block quote.