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This is a poem about what it feels like to be Asian in the United States of America.  The reason for writing this poem is because of some testimonies I have heard from Asians in America concerning the various situations they face. For instance, one of them pointed out how they received preferential treatment right from the airport the first day they landed.  Besides, their culture tends to differ from that of America, and as a result, they end up feeling different from the Americans.  My approach for the assignment was to talk to some Asian foreigners in my neighborhood and get to know how they feel been Asians in America. After reading the poem, I feel like I have become a voice for the voiceless as many may never speak out about how they feel unless they are asked.


Being an Asian feels like a Puzzle or a chess game

Where you have to explain your every move.

To some extent, it is like rocket science,

People cannot understand how your country

Cannot recognize just right of soil, but right of blood as well

Being an Asian in America feels like an alien in the land of people

People will throw glances at you, and overly scrutinize your language

Actually, been Asian in America feels like a daily interview,

People need to be reminded that all Asians do not speak the same language,

Eat same meals, and do not come from the same place.

It is the color, and the appearance, that makes us different, but bottom-line we are

Human beings and deserve love.