Writing proposal

Part 1: Your group must “pitch” your project to the class in a 7-10 minute presentation that incorporates at least four modes (audio, visual, kinesthetic, 

and tactile). 

Create, print, and distribute to the class a corresponding worksheet 

for peer review feedback on your prototype/idea. The worksheet must also include questions on how you presented. Your pitch must include:

An outline of the final project

A timeline that accounts for what you will do each day as a group and 

individually to complete it on time

How your project is related to the course texts (print, audio-visual, and community-based)

Samples of excerpts (video clips, “branding” artwork, layouts, website drafts, social media pages, etc.)

An explanation of which modes will be engaged and why they are 

necessary to your topic and for adequately reaching your target audience 

Why this project is a site of unexpected multi-modal activist poetics

Part 2: 1.

one-page MLA formatted summary of your proposal, 


feedback worksheet you created for the class, 

 3. Materials presented in the pitch. One-page proposal should:

Summarize and make a case for your final project

Your role in the group in relation to the other group roles

Concerns about your group, the project, etc. and how you plan to troubleshoot them

Your group timeline for completion