American Lit Discussion post

Reminder: No research is allowed for this class. Use only the course readings and the course lectures to address the questions below. NO ONLINE SOURCES unless its information thats in the book as this is a requirement. sources used and cited must state the book. 


Review the assigned poems from Langston Hughes and read “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” from Richard Wright. Consider how both treat the idea of racism in the 20th century. You post should answer the following questions:

    • Explain what tone is and identify the tone each author uses in his works?
    • What is the message each author is trying to convey in his work?
    • Is the author successful in conveying that message?


Use APA format to cite all quotes and include a reference citation. See the examples on the APA Format page for help. Your post must be at least 250 words.



Langston Hughes


  • biography (pp. 2221-2222)
  • “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” (pp. 2222-2223)
  • “Mother to Son” (p. 2223)
  • “I, Too” (pp. 2223-2224)


N. Baym, W. Franklin, P. Gura, J. Klinkowitz, A. Krupat, R. Levine, . . . P. Wallace (Eds.) The Norton anthology of American literature (shorter 8th ed.). New York, NY: W. W. Norton. ISBN: 9780393918854


This Assignment will be checked for plagerism and will result in a low rating on your behalf. please dont waste my time or yours. I WILL PAY FOR QUALITY WORK.