Ashley claire



This assingment asks you to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts we have read about and discussed on the discussion board: reading and analyzing poetry using word choice, word order, tone, images, symbol, allegory, and irony.

For this assignment, choose one poem from Chapter 39 of your book entitled “A Collection of Poems” pgs. 997-1031. When you have chosen a poem, write a profile of it using a minimum of three of the concepts listed above (word choice, word order, tone, etc.)

For each of the concepts you choose, write a paragraph of at least eight sentences analyzing why the concept is important in the poem you have chosen. For example, one paragraph could try to answer the following question: In William Carlos Williams’s message “Spring and All,” how does word order influence the poem’s overall message?

Each paragraph that you write should begin with a topic sentence that describes as clearly as you can the impact that the vehicle of analysis has on the poem. Using the above example, the topic sentence could be something like, “In the poem “Spring and All,” the author’s halting syntax conveys a sense of urgency to the reader.”

Your analyses should draw from what you have read in our text about each concept. You may want to reread the sections of the text that discuss each concept. Your analysis should be as specific and concrete as possible. You can include quotations in your profile, but they should not overshadow your own thoughts.