Literature Essay


In this essay, you will write an 800 – 1000 word literary analysis of William Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily” from Reading 2Preview the document. Using the formal elements of fiction described in the learning unit for this module, identify an interpretive challenge in this story – some aspect of the story that begs the question, “What does this mean?” If you have difficulty identifying or describing an interpretive challenge for the story, consult the list of questions that correspond to each element of fiction in the Questions for Active Reading diagram (see tab 4 of the Module 2 Learning Unit).

In order to provide a detailed and well-supported answer to your interpretive challenge, in your essay you must refer to each other elements of fiction in the story. For example, if you choose to describe the story’s main theme, your essay must also examine aspects of the story’s plot, characters, setting, and conflict.