literature research

Select a story written by Khalid Hosseini


1. Start with biographical information on your author. Find at 

least one good biographical source and use this information 

for the first part of your paper. 

2.  Choose one literary source, preferably a scholarly (peer 

reviewed) or critical article published in a university press 

journal.  Use this source as the second part of your paper.

3. Choose another source of the same quality as your first 

source and make this source the third part of your paper.

4. Choose a third source of the same quality as your first two 

sources and make this source the fourth part of your paper.

5. The fifth and last part of your paper is a conclusion in which 

you will comment on what you have learned about your 

author from your research.

General Guidelines: 

Use MLA Guidelines 

Length: 1050 word 

 Do not use Wikipedia.