literature review-ony the 1-page proposal part- for Dr. Rocal ONLY

1. Literature Review:

The major paper in this class (100 points, 20% of your total grade) is to write a literature review. If you choose this option, you will ask a relevant question about interpersonal communication that interests you, investigate relevant scholarly research related to this question, develop a thesis, and execute a literature review in which you advance an argument related to your thesis. Your goal with this assignment is to first gather a sufficient understanding of the scholarly conversation surrounding a particular topic through substantial research and then to write a paper that identifies the state-of-theart with respect to this topic that (a) explains what’s known about the topic, (b) what theoretic frameworks exist that help us understand what is known about the topic, and (c) what research needs to be conducted in this area to push knowledge further. Example topics Topic: The impact of self-disclosure on health and well-being a. Thesis & Preview Statement: “Self-disclosure can benefit individuals mental and physical health. This paper will define self-disclosure, explicate relevant theories of self-disclosure, and discuss the impact of self-disclose, or a lack thereof, on individuals mental and physical health”.

Paper formatting: The paper should be 6-8 pages long (max) and advance an argument. Papers should be double-spaced and in Times New Roman 12-point font, with 1-inch margins, include page numbers, and include a cover page. Please include a reference section and format the citations according to APA 6th edition (Chicago and MLA Style are also acceptable). Submit the paper to Canvas by the due date (see course schedule for specific date). The literature review should, at a minimum, include 10 peer-reviewed scholarly references to support insights and solutions you make within your paper (your textbook is not counted as one of these scholarly sources).


2. 1-page Final Paper Proposal:

An important part of beginning a final paper is being able to concisely describe the goals of your paper, the organization of the paper, and a timeline for completion of the paper. Thus, you will turn-in a paper proposal that identifies these parts of your final paper. The proposal should be no longer than 1-page, single-spaced. A reference page should be included that identifies at least five scholarly references that you plan to use in your final paper and this page is not included in the 1-page maximum proposal. This is worth 25- points (5% of your overall grade).