Poetry homework I need someone to write 3 to 2 pages essay about the poem “Titanic” I attached everything you need to know to write it. You must answer all the questions in pics below.

Read the discussion about responding to literature included in Chapter 27 (684-718). Since this is NOT a research assignment, we will be using the model papers in that chapter as guides for how to select a topic and also create a thesis about a poem. You are being asked to use the critical skills you are learning to create your own interpretation of a poem.
• Annotate the poem (see sample). Underscore and define unfamiliar vocabulary, note formal elements, identify the speaker, situation, etc.
• Answer the questions labeled “Formalist Questions.”
• Also answer any other set of questions listed in two categories. Select one category of analysis and answer all the questions in that category; repeat the process for another category.
• Begin drafting your paper, going slowly, so that it conforms to the requirements mentioned on page 704 regarding a “coherent reading.” Your essay must comment on each line of the poem and it must include an introductory paragraph that provides an overview and thesis statement.
• Your draft should be 2-3 pages long and make many textual references.
• Please include a “Works Cited” page. While you are not required to do additional research, be sure to cite any other sources that you use in your paper.
• Rehearse reading the poem aloud, noting the time that it takes you to recite it.  Be sure that you look up unfamiliar vocabulary and proper names so that you can recite them correctly.