Problem Statement – 700 words

A draft of proposal argument, but just the problem statement part.




Discuss at least two possible solutions. One of these may be the solution you propose in your final paper, but after your research, you may settle on a solution that hasn’t occurred to you yet.

  • Think of this as the first half of the proposal argument
  • Write a paragraph or two detailing the problem you are addressing
    • Why is worth addressing?
    • What is the context?
    • Who will be affected?
    • What happens if nothing is done?

My topic: plastic pollution

Possible Problems (in my opinion): 

  • Not bio-degradable, cause future problem issue
  • Animals eat plastic bags (sea turtles)

These are possible problems that I thought about, anything else is welcomed. I need a 700-word draft about possible problems that plastic pollution could cause.


I’ve uploaded a gereral rubric for essays for this class.