Read the following Reading Assignments and follow the Assignment Description given to complete assignment. I have also attacked an example from the instructor. Keep in mind that there is an assignment for Chapter 3 and and assignment for Chapter 4.

Reading Assingnment 

McGrath Report:

  • 6.3 – Tertullian on Inherited Guilt
  • 6.13 – Augustine on Fallen Human Nature
  • 6.17 & 6.18 – Pelagius on Human Freedom and his Pelagius’ Rejection of Original Sin
  • 6.19 – Council of Carthage on Grace
  • 6.47 – Jonathan Edwards on Original Sin
  • 6.57 – Benedict XVI on the Identity of Humanity




McGrath Reports (20%). It will be important for students to read and engage the selections from the McGrath reader. For each section of discussion (Nature of Theology, Trinity, Revelation, etc.) you are required to give a 500+ word summary and response. You only have to report on 6 of the selections in any given section (if there are more than 6 listed for that day, e.g., Salvation). To be clear: for those weeks where two topics are covered, two reports are expected. 

Consider these questions: 

For each numbered reading:

a. Inwhichofthe6categoriesinthehistoryofthechurchdoeseach 

author fit? These categories are: Patristic, Medieval, Byzantine, Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox. (See the appendix in 

McGrath or look online to find the time frame and religious tradition of 

each writer.) Note: Handwritten categories will be counted as wrong. 

  1. What are the central theses of the texts at hand? What is the main idea 

    of the passage? Note key terms or issues. 

  2. What quote(s) from the reading capture(s) the main idea?


    I have attached an example of what the assignment shoud look like.