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Nutrition Health and Wellness

Intext citations please.
References at the end 

Instructions: Each item must have at least 5 complete sentences. Must have in-text citation.   

Body Weight & Physical Status: How does excess body weight affect Body Systems? Describe the mechanisms (physiological mechanism of how and why) of extra body weight on each body system. Must include in-text citations.

Cardiovascular (CV) 

Gastrointestinal (GI) System

Musculoskeletal System

Endocrine System

Immune System

Barriers and Challenges: Identify 3 barriers and challenges to losing weight in the U.S. Describe how and why each identified barrier and challenge affect losing weight? Must include in-text citations




Cultural Considerations: Identify 3 different cultures. Describe how and why each culture influence weight and weight loss with clients in each culture. Must include in-text citations.




Advice for Mark: What would you suggest helping Mark achieve a healthy weight? Must include in-text citations

Health Insurance Plan Evaluation

In this experiential learning experience, you will evaluate a healthcare plan using the attached worksheet. The selected plan can be your own health insurance or another plan.

Step 1

Use published information on the selected health insurance plan to complete the assignment 5.1 worksheetPreview the document.

Step 2

Create a 7-10 slide Power Point presentation to include the following:

  • Introduction to the plan, including geographic boundaries
  • Major coverage inclusions and exclusions (Medical, Dental, Vision etc.)
  • Costs to consumer for insurance under the plan (include premiums, deductibles, copays, prescription costs)
  • Health insurance plan ratings if available. If no ratings are found for this plan, include a possible explanation for this situation.
  • Evaluation of the health insurance plan-include your evaluation of this plan from two standpoints:
  • a consumer-focused on costs, coverage, and ease of use
  • a public health nurse- focused on access to care for populations and improving health outcomes.

Cite all sources in APA format on a reference slide and with on-slide citations.

Module 8: Discussion Question N493


Module 8: Discussion Question N493

Discussion Question:

Please review the course objectives stated in the Syllabus. Conduct a self-reflection of your learning in the course and how you personally have met each of the course objectives.

Your initial posting should be 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.

Final Exam: American Lit I Culminating Literary Analysis, PowerPoint Presentation, or Oral Presentation


1.  Write a five paragraph literary analysis (essay) that focuses on no more than two writers and their works studied during this course.

 2. Your essay must focus on the themes of those works and how they connect to themes of American literary works from the beginnings to 1865. 

3.  In this paper, you must cite passages or lines from the literary works to support the points you are making in your paper. 

4.  This is  not a research assignment and should not include outside sources.  However, the paper must be written in MLA format.

5.  The paper must include the make up of an essay:  introduction with thesis, three body paragraphs, conclusion.

Eco 4

Data can be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative data is helpful to generate a hypothesis and gather information if little is known about an expected association. Focus groups, key informant interviews, and case studies are types of qualitative data collection methods used to identify common themes from which to build a hypothesis. Quantitative data collection and analysis is used to test a hypothesis and make comparisons to determine the direction and strength of a potential association. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) is cross-sectional panel survey used to collect quantitative data on adult behaviors and risk factors. It is one of the largest U.S. health data collection efforts. The data can be used to analyze associations on a state or country level. Follow the steps to obtain a 2×2 contingency table (also known as a “cross tabulation”) crossing binge drinking with depression.

  1. Retrieve the “BRFSS Web-Enabled Analysis Tool” resource provided in the Topic Materials.
  2. Select “Cross Tabulation.”
  3. Select “2015” for the year.
  4. Select “Arizona” for the state.
  5. Select “Alcohol Consumption: Binge drinkers (males having five or more drinks on one occasion, females having four or more drinks on one occasion)” for Step 2 Select Row.
  6. Select “Chronic Health Conditions: Ever diagnosed with a depressive disorder, including depression, major depression, dysthymia, or minor depression” for Step 3 Select Column.
  7. Skip Steps 4 and 5.
  8. Select “Sample Size” for Step 6 Select Statistics and run the report for the cross tabulation.

Part 1

Using the data from the cross tabulation results, calculate the odds ratio for depression among those exposed to binge drinking. Interpret the odds ratio and discuss if the odds ratio is a good estimate of the relative risk in this situation. Why or why not? Show your 2×2 table and all calculations. Present or describe the formula you used to arrive at your answer.

Part 2

Use the Topic Material, “BRFSS Web-Enabled Analysis Tool,” located on the CDC website, and run a report for two variables of interest to you. Create a 2×2 table and calculate the odds ratio for this association. Interpret the odds ratio and discuss the public health importance of the association. Show your 2×2 table. Present or describe the formula you used to arrive at your answer.

Refer to the “Creating a 2×2 Contingency Table” resource for guidance in creating 2×2 contingency tables.

General Requirements

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.




As a nurse practicing in today’s healthcare delivery systems, It is important to recognize the role played by informatics and understand the importance of acquiring and utilizing the skills required of nursing and its role in the management of healthcare information. You are asked to explain to a new nurse the need for all nurses to have basic skills in informatics.

a. What definition of informatics would you provide to the nurse and how would you describe the role informatics plays in nursing healthcare delivery?

b. How would you explain to the to the nurse the skills he or she must possess and implement in order to manage healthcare information using informatics?
Format your assignment in no less than 500 words
Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources utilizing APA format

Philosophical Perspectives on Creativity

Writing Instructions

Write at least 400 words on the following prompt.

Question: How have creative individuals and/or culturally created objects and/or acts created “reality” or changed the way you view and/or know the world?

Reading: McIntyre, “Reconceptualizing Creativity,”  

   Singer, “Creativity and Reality,”

  Csikszentmihalyi, “Chapter 5: The Flow of Creativity.”

Self-paced reading in Imagine, by Jonas Lehrer.

For requiring citations, use the MLAdocumentation format.


III. Reading Response (30%): A reading response is due at the beginning of class every Thursday on the assigned reading to be discussed for that day. Students are responsible for bringing a printed copy in person to class. Late submissions of reading responses or non-in-person submissions are accepted with a penalty of ten points in reduction. The reading response must be typed in the following font: Times New Roman, size 12. It must be double-spaced and cover at least one full page. Choose a particular text (if there are more than one assigned) and do a close reading for your response. Strive for a strong thesis in your analysis.

The conditions under which assigned work or tests can be made up without penalty, including:

  1. Information on excused absences related to religious observances/practices that are in accordance with ACD 304–04 “Accommodations for Religious Practices.”
  2. Information on excused absences related to university sanctioned events activities that are in accord with ACD 304–02 “Missed Classes Due to University-Sanctioned Activities.”

Grading of reading responses is composed of two categories: analysis and delivery.

Analysis (70%):

  1. a) Interpretation of text (e.g., making sensible connections between text and context, understanding the textual mechanics, i.e., narrative perspectives, voices, ellipsis, narrator-reader relationship, characters, plot, social environment, imagery, trope, etc.)
  2. b) Effectiveness of argument (e.g., strength of thesis, employment of relevant examples, logical development of thesis, proactive attention to counter-arguments, etc.).

Delivery (30%):

  1. c) Quality of prose (e.g., flow of language or absence of awkwardness; precision in diction and phraseology; conformity to grammatical and stylistic conventions, etc.).

Respect writer

To assemble, critically review, synthesise and interpret published literature (including grey literature) on a public health topic.