During nursing shift handover you informed by the previous shift nurse about one patient, as reported by nurses on the previous shift, had been difficult to work with, demanding the attention of staff throughout the shift. You visited that patient last during rounds so that additional time is available for an assessment. Upon entering the patient ’s room, you asked the patient how is he feel about discharge and going home. The patient complained about a variety of minor concerns about his pending discharge. Accepting that the patient’s perceptions are unique and valid to him, and you try to spends a few minutes just listening. 

Application paper questions:

On the light of the above answer the following questions:

A. Use King’s Theory of Goal Attainment to illustrate how and why you would present the importance of actively involving patients in their care?

B. Clarify the applicability of the theory concepts to daily advanced nursing practice ?  

C. Review one sample of research work previously used the same theory and write a reflection upon it ?


 APA 7th edition