Clinical Prevention and Biostatistics


Controversy in public health issues occur periodically and must be investigated and settled with the best research. One such controversy occurred when Dr. Andrew Wakefield published an article in the Lancet (1998) that correlated autism with the MMR vaccination. The media grabbed hold of this possibility, and a resulting decline in the vaccination of thousands of children against measles, mumps, and rubella occurred worldwide. Subsequently the supposition of a causal link between autism and the MMR vaccine was disproven. Unfortunately, society continues to have a lower rate of vaccination in the pediatric population. Macha and McDonough (2012) state “However, many parents feared and did not want their children to receive the MMR vaccine based on information they had heard”.

1. Discuss the ramifications on our current society of not vaccinating children. 

2. Where does the concept of herd immunity fit in this situation? Document this assignment in        2 pages document. Include 2 peer reviewed articles.