Protecting the public


Read the article: Impaired Nurses: Reclaiming Careers Preview the document

APA Format for the article:

  • Vernarec, E. (2001). Impaired nurses: Reclaiming careers. The Carter Center. file:///Users/rm/Downloads/Impaired_Nurses_Reclaiming_Careers-1.pdf

Step 2 Your post should reflect any thoughts, pro or con, regarding the treatment of impaired nurses. Respond to the following questions and, if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience.

  • Research and summarize your state board of nursing’s impaired nurse program?
  • What are your thoughts on how the problem of impaired nurses should be addressed?
  • What are your thoughts about disciplinary action being made public on each state’s Board of Registered Nursing (BON) website?
  • Discuss ways in which the nurse who is impaired mentally or is physically challenged is addressed by your state board or facility.
  • For this post, you must show research in your writing using in-text citations and show your reference in 7th. ed. APA.