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The topic I chose to focus on in this discussion is homelessness and mental illness. The inpatient facility I work for majority of our clients are within the homeless population. Mental illness is greatly impacted by a person’s environment, support system, culture, and belief systems. Homelessness and mental illness are connected and affect each other.  People with mental illness have limited access to primary care, having worse chronic disease management outcomes, and disproportionately high premature mortality rates (Chrystal, 2015).  For homeless individuals, these challenges are compounded by health service underutilization with significant unmet needs and problems accessing primary and specialty care, in turn increasing use of hospital and emergency departments (Chrystal et. Al, 2015).

        Medline with Full Text and ProQuest were good databases. Very user friendly and easy to use when finding specific topics. I would recommend these databases because they provide a variety of sources that meet one’s specific criteria. Also, these databases format your sources into the appropriate citation one needs such as APA format. There is a plethora of credible sources to reference from for health care. The cons to these databases as well as any other database is that one must know what to type in a database search field to find the appropriate article one may need. However, the Walden library do a good job in explaining the correct way to find research. Walden Library provides a how-to video on how to research for an article.