⦁ Office of Disability Employment Policy

For this assignment, you will be researching the various federal agencies within our government and using the questions below educate your classmates on what the agency does and how it affects/helps the citizens of the United States. (Automatic half off total points for not presenting or uploading into Blackboard)

⦁ Name of Agency(1 pt.)_________________________________

⦁ Stated Purpose of Agency: ( 4Pts) ________________________


⦁ Budget: Where does $ come from and How much $ is it. ( 3pts.)


⦁ Examples of How the Agency/Bureau Affects Health/Safety of people?(5 pts)

⦁ Nursing Implications: How can we use this agencies services or refer patients to them for assistance. (5 pts)

⦁ *Use of media/visuals (websites, power points), handouts, APA style

references (2 pt)