Short discussion Post

Initial Posting. *Minimum of 500 words

Begin by reviewing the ANA Code of Ethics  (Links to an external site.)and state practice acts for professional nursing (Links to an external site.).  (For the practice acts, please select “Florida Statutes and Administrative Codes” once on the site. If you are from a state other than Florida, please find your own state’s practice acts (Links to an external site.).)

1. Analyze and share an experience from your personal or professional background (as patient or nurse) that involved the failure of the patient education process. (4 points)

2. Describe the experience and include in your discussion ethical, legal, and economic factors that may have influenced participants’ behavior positively or negatively. (4 points)

3. Identify professional responsibilities regarding education and describe how you fulfill these responsibilities as a nurse in your practice setting.  (4 points)

4. Use two nursing scholarly references to cite your work – scholarly article and/or reputable internet site and/or textbook. (3 points)