Urgent, urg


  1. Place in the appropriate folder the day before class by 1159 pm.
  2. -No single word responses (at least 100+ words for each response)
  3. -Give at least 1 example
  4. -Cite resources, APA formatting (7th ed)
  5. -Give the questions some thought and answer honestly
  6. -Number your answers to correspond with the question



1. Describe the purpose of palliative care? Describe the care the patient and the family can expect to receive. Use and cite at least 1 reference other than the textbook.
2. Describe the purpose of hospice care? In your discussion include specifics of care, what are qualifications for admission, and other characteristics of hospice care. Use and cite at least 1reference other than the textbook.
3. What is a death denying society? How does a death denying society impact people in general and specifically those who are dying and their families? Use and cite at least 1 reference other than your textbook. Provide at least 1 example that demonstrated that our society denies death.