Jurno 8


Journal writing provides a nonthreatening way to explore different thoughts, ideas, and topics without being concerned about audience presentation. The process of writing can facilitate reflection and allow you to express your feelings regarding your educational experiences, as well as clarify your thinking.

One of the side effects of artificial intelligence (AI) is less human interaction. Those who support AI use claim it reduces labor costs and increases efficiency.

Write about the following in your journal:

  • Describe areas where technology such as telemedicine can have a significant impact on reducing costs to the healthcare system.
  • Consider the balance of potential positive and negative impacts that aging adults may experience with increasing AI use.
  • How will telemedicine provide quality care compared to in-person care?
  • How can AI help decrease social isolation? Can it form social connections, or does it leave us with 500 Facebook friends and no one to call for help?

should be 250 to 400 words long. No outside research is expected and, therefore, no references are needed.