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Data representation is the act displaying the visual form of your data. The process of identifying the most effective and appropriate solution for representing our data is unquestionably the most important feature of our visualization design. Working on this layer involves making decisions that cut across the artistic and scientific foundations of the field. Here […]


Topic:  SEARCH ENGINE AND OPTIMIZATION (research paper) need to work at least 750words   Chapter 3 is considered to be the CORE of the research study you will be required to elaborate on the substance of the research to answer the research questions posited in Chapter 1. For this assignment, submit the following Chapter 3 ONLY […]

Project 5

  Complete Chapter 10 Case Project 4 “Installation Troubleshooting at North Jetty Manufacturing” (page 496 in print text).  Find a PRODUCT to recommend for each scenario.  (For example, taking frequent breaks from the computer might be a good idea if someone is experiencing discomfort, but there are also ergonomic products which might help the situation.  […]

Java Program

   Write a program, in a file called MeanNumbers.java, that collect integer variables from the user until the user enters a non-positive value. It the user has enter less than two values, display a message “Insufficient data.” and stop. If the user enters more than 10 values, display “Too many values” and stop. Otherwise, call […]

Research Report on comparative analysis of two programming languages Python and Go language

  Research Report on comparative analysis of two programming languages Python and Go language Must follow the guide and instructions PDF. Research Report Guide: The structure of the paper MUST follow the guide & instructions. Please find attached both documents.  Include All sections Front Matter – Title page (with Running head), blank Approval page, Abstract, blank Acknowledgement […]


  Answer each question in a paragraph that contains at least five sentences: Include the question and number your answers accordingly. 1. Should society help workers dislocated when technology, like the Internet, elimlnates their jobs in a process called ‘Creative Destruction‘? 2. are we working more and earning less? 3. Would you want a telecommuting job? Why or why not?  […]