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  eadership is the ability to influence others to achieve  organizational goals. Organizations spend billions of dollars each year  to improve the leadership skills of its employees. Leadership skills are  needed within organizations to execute the vision, mission and  strategic goals of the organization. Visit the mind tools website and complete the short Leadership Skills […]

DUE IN 72 Hours * Price and Due Date NOT NEGOTIABLE* Project Management & APA Expert ONLY!!!

Option #1: Sources of Technical Risks Identify an “intolerable technical risk” on a project with which you are familiar, or on one that you can research. Describe the issue that created the intolerable technical risk and describe the risk itself. Describe the treatment plan using cost-benefit analysis, where the risk severity is reduced to an […]

manage technology and innovation

  This assessment addresses the following course objective(s): Examine theories of effective business responses to innovation across disciplines. Find an article that provides guidelines for managers on how to manage technology and innovation. What do you think of the advice? Apply that advice to a different industry. Does it apply?  For example, if your guideline […]

Case Study

   You are to provide a paper (case studies) of a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 3 pages (not including your cover page, abstract, or reference page). You need at least 3 references in addition to your text. The case study and the references are to be in APA format   Case […]

Discussion Question 3.2

  Discussion Question 3-2 (50 points) Xron Corporation is a large publicly-traded corporation. It employs 5,000 employees primarily in manufacturing jobs. It has just reviewed industry trends and decided to hire a significant number of new employees and invest more resources in forecasting and planning. Leadership is now considering how to be a more appealing […]

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                                                                                    Discussion 1 Human service and social service agencies respond to both individual and community needs. Imagine that you are the director of a domestic violence shelter. How do you determine whether or not a client’s need is individual and should be addressed in a treatment plan or whether the client’s need is part of a […]


 Imagine your company is being considered for subcontracting the  management of a project because of your firm’s excellent human resource  and quality management skills. However, you find that you must first  convince the contracting company that your company is worthy of the  position. Recommend a plan that centers on total quality management  (TQM) that highlights […]

Outline of Research Paper

  This week you are to begin developing your outline for your research project. Select the first three program learning objectives and develop your research project outline for those three program learning objectives. Be sure to include which reference you will use to support your analysis of these learning objectives. Critiques theories and principles of […]