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eadership is the ability to influence others to achieve  organizational goals. Organizations spend billions of dollars each year  to improve the leadership skills of its employees. Leadership skills are  needed within organizations to execute the vision, mission and  strategic goals of the organization.

Visit the mind tools website and complete the short Leadership Skills exercise ( After you explore your strengths and areas for growth, address the following items in your response:

  • What are your strengths?
  • Where do you have opportunities to grow your leadership skills?
  • Based on your assessment results, propose three things you can do to improve your leadership skills

DUE IN 72 Hours * Price and Due Date NOT NEGOTIABLE* Project Management & APA Expert ONLY!!!

Option #1: Sources of Technical Risks

  1. Identify an “intolerable technical risk” on a project with which you are familiar, or on one that you can research.
  2. Describe the issue that created the intolerable technical risk and describe the risk itself.
  3. Describe the treatment plan using cost-benefit analysis, where the risk severity is reduced to an acceptable level. (A risk register is not required for the paper with this option.)

Submission Requirements:

  • For this assignment, you will be preparing your paper for submission to a conference or journal for publication, as well as submitting the paper to your instructor.
  • You may submit the paper to your choice of outlet (conference or journal). Since you may be charged for your submission to some outlets, you should examine options for submission by searching the internet to find both the best fit for your paper and the acceptable cost to you. There are many journals and conferences that consider papers for publication. You might consider submitting to PMI Knowledge Shelf or AACEi Conferences (Links to an external site.). Another example is The Clute Institute (Links to an external site.), which publishes many journals and hosts conferences. Note that some journals accept undergraduate and/or graduate submissions. Visit the Council for Undergraduate Research (Links to an external site.) to learn more. Read about the journal and the types of research it is interested in publishing. Make sure you understand the journal’s submission guidelines. Some outlets require submissions in APA format and some do not; and some have special accommodations for student publications.
  • This assignment does not require the student to submit the paper for publication, but it does require the student to prepare a scholarly paper **for potential submission to a selected publication outlet **with all the requisite academic and practical content in a format as stated in the publication guidelines. Again, the assignment includes that the student should identify the outlet, and deliver the scholarship and format of the paper in accordance with that publication’s style guidelines. The professor will not submit your paper to the publication outlet as that is at the discretion of the student. Actual submission to the outlet is not part of the assignment requirements, but submission in the outlet’s style guideline format to the instructor is.
  • ******In an appendix after your references page, identify the following information for your submission: a) journal or conference name; b) why your paper is best suited for this outlet; and c) the submission guidelines in terms of process, requirements, cost, and general acceptance rates, if stated.
  • *******Your paper must be 5 pages long, not including the required title and references pages and the appendix.
  • Submit your paper in the format required by your selected outlet. (For example, if the outlet requires papers to be single spaced, then use single spacing.)
  • *******Support your paper with a minimum of two current (no older than five years) scholarly sources from the CSU-Global Library, in addition to any course lecture material you wish to use. You must also use the Fontaine (2016) reading as one of the sources in your paper. 

Fontaine, M. (2016). Chapter 4 – Project risk management. In P.A.J. Green (Ed.), Enterprise Risk Management: A Common Framework for the Entire Organization. Waltham, MA: Elsevier

manage technology and innovation


This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Examine theories of effective business responses to innovation across disciplines.

Find an article that provides guidelines for managers on how to manage technology and innovation. What do you think of the advice?

Apply that advice to a different industry. Does it apply?  For example, if your guideline was for healthcare, would it apply to manufacturing?  Why or why not?

This paper should be a minimum of 500 words, at least two pages, and follow APA Style requirements (i.e., cover page, in-text citations, and a reference page).  Please use a minimum of 2 references for this assignment; please avoid ‘crowd-sourced’ material from Wikipedia,, and others. 

Case Study


You are to provide a paper (case studies) of a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 3 pages (not including your cover page, abstract, or reference page).

You need at least 3 references in addition to your text. The case study and the references are to be in APA format  

Case Study


Three employees of a company located in Texas come to HR to complain that their manager has suspended the departments 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon due to work volume. The employees state the company is in violation of DOL law?

Assume that you are the Human Resources Manager: Are they right? How do you deal with the three employees?How do you deal with the department manager?

Discussion Question 3.2


Discussion Question 3-2 (50 points)

Xron Corporation is a large publicly-traded corporation. It employs 5,000 employees primarily in manufacturing jobs. It has just reviewed industry trends and decided to hire a significant number of new employees and invest more resources in forecasting and planning. Leadership is now considering how to be a more appealing employer to a diverse group of applicants.

Answer the following related questions to sourcing and identifying recruits:

1. What can Xron do to be a more appealing employer to people with disabilities?

2. What sourcing strategies do you think would be most effective for finding entry-level managers for large manufacturing companies like Xron?

3. If Xron wanted to recruit people like you, how could they best identify you and where could they put a recruiting message where you are likely to see and respond to it?

Discussions Due Monday by 5pm

                                                                                    Discussion 1

Human service and social service agencies respond to both individual and community needs. Imagine that you are the director of a domestic violence shelter. How do you determine whether or not a client’s need is individual and should be addressed in a treatment plan or whether the client’s need is part of a larger community issue? Provide examples of criteria and factors you would consider before responding on a micro versus macro level. Be specific. Give examples.

                                                                                  Discussion 2

Using information from search engines and other credible sources, address the following in this week’s discussion: Select two research instruments whether it is a  survey, community mapping, interviews, or focus group. Compare and contrast the two tools and provide an example of how these tools might be used appropriately in a needs assessment. Be specific. Give examples.

Assignment 2

Assignment 2


 Imagine your company is being considered for subcontracting the  management of a project because of your firm’s excellent human resource  and quality management skills. However, you find that you must first  convince the contracting company that your company is worthy of the  position. Recommend a plan that centers on total quality management  (TQM) that highlights your firm’s experience with TQM and human  resources. 

Marketing Management – Marketing challenges


Discussion 1: Marketing Challenges

Access the ASG email simulation:

Discuss options with the marketing team (i.e., your classmates) to address the simulation email from the boss and the sales metrics she includes in the email. 

Outline of Research Paper


This week you are to begin developing your outline for your research project. Select the first three program learning objectives and develop your research project outline for those three program learning objectives. Be sure to include which reference you will use to support your analysis of these learning objectives.

  1. Critiques theories and principles of healthcare management.
  2. Summarizes knowledge of management principles to functional areas of healthcare.
  3. Evaluates the use of management skills in leadership.


  • Using the attached Microsoft Word document outline define the learning objectives, how you plan to cover the material and your supporting references for each objective.
  • Be sure to check out this unit’s Supplemental Resources for guidance on beginning your outline process.
  • Upload for instructor feedback and approvals.

Assignment File(s)

HCM Objectives Matrix OutlinePreview the document [Word Document]