Even though many firms focus on managing inventory using computers and sophisticated models, not enough organizations emphasize the physical control of inventories. Rely on this week’s resources and other references that you find to draft a policy and procedure on effective physical control of inventories. This policy and procedure should be between 200 and 250 words. It should reflect an understanding of the shortcoming in computer control and how effective physical control practices can increase inventory

CMS-1500 Paper

CMS-1500 Paper Instructions

You will write a 4–6-page research paper that provides a contrast between the CMS-1500 (08/05) and the CMS-1500(02/12).

For this assignment, include the following:

• The history of the CMS-1500• A description of the changes to the format• Why the changes were made

You may use materials from the course, scholarly sources, and Internet sources; however, you must be sure that the source material is providing correct information. You must cite at least 4 references, and you must use current APA format.


As a starting point, review the federal government guidelines of the core competencies of an executive leader. These qualifications are defined in OPM’s Guide to Senior Executive Service Qualifications (see phase resources). Review the competencies that are defined in the phase resource FM 622: Leader DevelopmentComplete the following for this assignment:

Compare and contrast similarities and differences in the leadership competencies.  

Compose your own list of the 5 most important leadership competencies, and justify your answer. 

 Formulate your own theory of the profile of a person who would have mastered the 5 competencies that you selected (based on experience, gifts, situations, academic achievements, mentoring, nature versus nurture, etc.). Use resources to effectively support your statements. 

HR in the Time of COVID19


As we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, business leaders and government officials are considering ways to reopen the economy and businesses across sectors.  The health crisis has highlighted the need for HR to be a strategic partner, helping leaders think through things like layoffs vs. furloughs vs. retaining and paying employees; essential personnel; safety; remote work; and so much more.  As we think about returning to a physical workplace, how can HR help business leaders and employees chart a path forward?

Consider consulting these (and other sources) to help you shape your answer:

Please include citations and references 

Week 10 Discussion


  1. Watch the video “Massive Cyberattack Strikes Anthem” (1m 43s).
  2.   Based on the video, your  readings this week, and the case study, please respond to the following  questions:
    • What information privacy principles have been breached?
    • How were the information privacy principles breached?
    • What would you do to address the situation

Financial Decision

Think about a financial decision you made regarding the purchase of a big-ticket item within the last five years. Provide a summary on the discussion thread, answering the following questions:

  1. What decision did you make?
  2. How prepared were you to make the decision?
  3. What was your thought process as you were making the decision?
  4. What financial information did you need to make the decision and why?
  5. What lessons have you learned that you will apply to future financial decisions?

Human Resource


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • How does one recognize sexual harassment? Discuss the different types of sexual harassment and what is required to support a case of sexual harassment in that situation. What is the impact on this topic due to the recent Supreme Court decisions on LGBTQ and Transgender rights in the work Place as well as the Me Too movement.

Book paper

Realtor and about this




Explain how Civil Service Reform, discussed in Chapter 2 in Nigro & Kellough (2014), addresses critical issues such as recruiting, promotion, organizational needs, and equity and the representativeness of the public workforce?

Responses are expected to be comprehensive (minimum 300-500 words per response in length), supported and defended with references to academic sources (at least one peer-reviewed scholarly article) and formatted in accordance with APA requirements.  For grading considerations, refer to the grading rubric in your syllabus.


Research the federal family policies provided in Sweden and compare and/or contrast this to what is provided on the federal level in the United States.

Present your findings and conclusions in a full 2 page typed, double spaced.